Article by Stephen Robinson

On June 18th, XIANEASE and Viva Xi’an host our first Bikes and Barbeque event. That morning, our participants met at a bike shop in the east of Xi’an and started a pleasant climb through the Qinling Mountains, ultimately ending at our BBQ spot, a campground in Bailuyuan.

Once at the destination, we fired up the grill and cooked off hamburgers, hot dogs, and cheese sausages courtesy of HUSSAR, a producer of many different meat products. We also had beer provided by Duvel as well as all the regular accoutrement for a nice western-style barbeque.

After several hours of eating, drinking and talking, everyone packed up and cycled back to the city, enjoying the wonderful views that can only be found in our beautiful Shaanxi. We hope everyone had a great day and we look forward to our next outing!