Written by Jack Marshall and Tracy Nel

In the springtime, Xi’an night life really picks up. So, one fine spring night, we decided to check out a bar called Cross Rainbow, just outside of South Gate.
At first, hopes were not high.  We were walking down a dark alley, and it all seemed a little dodgy. We continued walking through a car park, around to the back of the mall, and eventually we found two doors with a simple Cross Rainbow sign leading down underground. Upon stepping down into this half-bar half-club, things started to get better.
Cross Rainbow, is a hybrid bar/pub. The décor is dark and mysterious. The stage and dance floor are a shot out of the 70’s. Cross Rainbow has two bars, a smaller one near the pool tables and a larger main bar near the back. Tables and comfortable leather sofas are scattered around with ample room for parties and large groups. Two private rooms are available: the first has a big “bed” with a table in the middle for everyone to relax around, and the second is a conventional VIP room.
The drink menu has a wide variety and some great cocktails, all using the finest alcohol. The drink prices are great and buying a 50rmb membership card saves you loads of money. Cocktails are 35rmb each for card holders. Happy hour is daily from 9 pm – 10 pm. During happy hour all Harbin beers and cocktails are free. After 10 pm there are some special deals such as 9 Harbin beers for 100RMB, as well as imported beer and cider combos.
Cross Rainbow’s stage hosts some of the more popular bands and dancers from all over Xi’an. Live shows start at 9:30 pm. While watching the four different shows, check out the L-shaped and round pool tables. 
Be it the cheap quality drinks, the live performances or the unique décor, make sure you get down to Cross Rainbow for a good time.
Pros: Cheap, quality alcohol, loads of entertainment
Cons: The waiters and bar staff don’t speak English and the menus are in Chinese; time to break out the translators.
Average Price per person/人均消费:  Non-members 45RMB Members 35RMB
Address /地址: B1, Rong Shu Ge Cheng, Out of South Gate. ( 南门外榕树歌城下负一楼,左右酒吧 )
Tel /电话: 150-9128 5160 (Chinese) 158-2971 3622 (English)
Hours /时间: 8:00pm – 2:00am