Written by Gary Wood

When it comes to eating out, Italian food isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to my mind. Most people I know would make Italian cuisine their first choice. Maybe that makes me a freak? Freak or not, I decided to be adventurous and step out of my comfort zone to give the new Isola Del Nord restaurant in Gaoxin a try. Located on the corner of Keji Lu and Fenghui Nan Lu, it isn’t exactly difficult to find.
When you arrive, you will be immediately greeted by one of the many waiting staff waiting to take you to your table. The tables themselves are well spaced-out, giving you enough privacy to have a conversation without being overheard by the nearby diners. The décor caught my eye with a traditional timber finish, eclectic decorations and a touch of high-class with their wines on display (luckily, the price tags are attached to the bottle so at least you can see what damage you’re going to do before you make your choice).
After ordering, the dishes arrived within ten to fifteen minutes. The first appetizer was a powerful foie gras served with crusted bread. However, the second appetizer, a generous serving of tomato and mozzarella salad drizzled in a to-die-for pesto, was not to be overshadowed. After our starters, we were served chilled creamed corn soup. Although this dish may not turn many heads, I was a big fan and would definitely order it again. For the main course we had a pizza with sliced eggplant, garlic and a light cheese and tomato base, along with a joint of roast beef. The pizza’s ingredients had been balanced harmoniously, which made for a lighter flavour that wasn’t too heavy on the stomach. The roasted beef joint was served medium-rare, crispy on the outside yet still a little red on the inside. This didn’t particularly bother me and it tasted fantastic, but for those who are a little squeamish, do specify if you like your meat well-done.
Overall, I would definitely recommend this place for those wanting an upscale dining experience outside the centre of the city, or just a change of scenery. Located in the quieter parts of Gaoxin, it definitely seems a little more laid back than your usual eateries.
Pros: No expenses are spared with the ingredients and it shows in the quality and flavour of their food, hence the slightly higher than average prices.
Cons: The beer choice is really small and even though they have Maredsous Blond 6% on draft, there are only 2 beers to choose from (Inclusive of the draft choice).
Address:Room 401, 4F, Jie Zuo Plaza, Southwest Corn of Ke Ji Road and Feng Hui South Road Intersection, Gaoxin
( 高新区沣惠南路与科技路十字西南角杰座广场4层401室 )
Tel:029-8819 3600  029-8819 3522
Business Hours:11:30am-3:00pm 5:30pm-10:00pm