Freak Bar – 怪咖餐吧

Article By Alex Zheng

B-10131, Shi Tao Jie, B Zone, Lv Di
Shi Ji Cheng, Gaoxin.
(029) 6565 2839
11:00am – 2:00am

Average Price
per Person/人均消费:75RMB

Pros:Interesting, unique aesthetic
Cons:Location; their homebrew is a work in

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There’s a new area sprouting up in southern Gaoxin and it’s not going to remain a secret for long. Lvdishijicheng is nestled between Zhangba San Lu and Zhangba Si Lu and intersects with Jinye Lu. This once barren neighborhood has a lot going for it now, with a myriad of bars and restaurants springing up all the time, including the new Freak Bar.

Started by a former heavy metal band member, Freak Bar has stormed onto the Xi’an bar scene and, true to its name, gets a little freaky with a more industrial, metal aesthetic. When you first enter you’re treated to cages and graffiti reminiscent of an old Iron Maiden video. There are also sofas and long bar tables so everyone can have their seat of choice, no matter how you want to chill. Every day they have a band play from 8:00pm until 9:30pm so it’s a good place to come after dinner if you want to listen to some heavy rock (and sometimes metal). Among the usual bar offerings of booze and snacks, Freak also brews its own beer. It’s probably not the best brew in town, but one hopes that they’ll continue to work on their recipe and come out with a more formidable brew in the future.

While the location may be a hassle for more centrally located residents, if you’re ever in the area, you should mosey on down. It’s not often that you find a bar in china that breaks the mold and strives to be a come-as-you-are kind of place, and will be especially useful for people living around the southwest 3rd Ring. Grab a drink, have a candid chat with the owner (in English even!) and get your freak on.