Misato Bar 三里酒吧

Article By Michael Gruendner

#30 Tai Yang Miao Men 太阳庙门30号
132 2771 5990
7:00pm – 3:00am

Average Price per Person /人均消费:30 RMB

PROS:Great drinks at good prices, relaxed atmosphere and good music

CONS:No rooftop, might be a little hard to find your first time

When I set out to find a new bar there’s always a lot of anticipation and a little fear. I like what I like and I’m not always comfortable in places I don’t like. Nonetheless, I went out in hopes of finding a new gem in the sea of fun that is Xi’an.

My fears were quickly dashed when I arrived at Misato Bar. This bar has something I find amazing, even if no one else shares my love for slightly hidden entrances (and multiple ones at that). Misato Bar is just inside the wall and you can find an entrance on either side of the building. While the looking for the giant projected logo on the inside of the wall so you’re sure you’re in the right place can be appealing, searching the next street over for its tucked-into-the-wall-between-two-shops second entrance can be a fun change from walking along the wall where we spend much of our bar hunting time.

The bonuses didn’t stop there for me. The relaxed atmosphere and open space make this the perfect place to chill. Whether you want to sit in on a big leather couch or chill at the bar, Misato has what you need. And, unlike many other bars in the area, they have opted out of live music. Don’t be deterred by this, as their music choices of jazz and saxophone only added to the vibe. The manager put it best, saying he “wanted it feel like relaxing in your friends living room.” While the walls are still a little scant of decoration they are planning more, possibly even a pin ball machine to go along with the foosball table already in service.

But, in order to chill out, I also need to have a good drink. I would normally go for a beer at this point, but I decided on a cocktail instead, as I wanted something fruity and refreshing. I chose a Zombie. Even though he said it’s not his best drink, the owner and bartender of 7 years knocked it out of the park. I also had the luck of trying a Tomorrow, which for any Americans out there is like an AMF but blue. With this showing I’m taken to believe all the cocktails are of similar or better quality, and with prices ranging from 30 to 40RMB, why would you say no? If you’re not into cocktails they have the standard beer selection of Corona and Heineken, plus Brewdog’s IPA at modest prices.

Summer warriors may be obsessed with finding rooftops, but the view of the trees outside the windows gave a nice change of scenery as I sipped cool drinks in the AC and talked with a friend. I might just have to spend a little more time here and a little less on the roofs of Xi’an.