Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Xi’an (Part 2)


You can feel it already, can’t you? We’re on the wrong side of Halloween, so the city is going to get to hibernating a bit. Instead of rewatching Game of Thrones and bitching about how winter is coming, maybe you should head out into the chilly environs and do something interesting. As they say, if you’re bored then you’re boring, so check these out and add a little bit of color to the gray months ahead.

qwkxgq6gqfd_oo0vw7-x2cszocb7k-ebtrnidqj35kgru7nmsctlsj7igu77jw6utygvdmoszwtlal1wbwrw3aCooking Classes

Whether it’s a gas range or just a hot plate and a microwave, pretty much everyone has access to a kitchen. On the other hand, a lot of people don’t really know how to use it; why not flex your cooking muscles? There are a couple of places around town that would be more than happy to teach you how to prepare a few dishes and set you on the path to culinary greatness.

IF Cooking
地址: 曲江池东路金地广场3楼(南湖)
Address: 3F, Jindi Shopping Mall, Qu Jiang Chi Dong Lu
电话: 029-8966 6560


xv8fmuoi1ptgy640blbxdeh9iafgff0i6_pf8yot1prsh4dqfm3kq5axyb6q_6zztygvdmoszwtlal1wbwrw3aDIY Pottery

Inside of all of us lurks an artist waiting to express themselves; allow yours to come out as you try a new medium in one of Xi’an’s pottery studios. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting your hands all up in a lump of clay as it twirls fast on its wheel, so even if you’re just going to recreate that famous scene from Ghost instead of making mugs and flower vases you’re sure to have a unique, enjoyable experience letting your creativity run wild.

Dream Space Coffee Gallery
地址: 南关正街南稍门中贸广场4号楼3层
Address: 3F, No.4 Building of Zhong Mao Shopping Mall, Nanshao Men, Nan Guan Zheng Jie
电话: 029-8539 1109


51ebff7d0ea4aac6adfea916d786d03b172591DIY Leatherworking

For those who want a DIY experience that’s a bit more frontiersman-like, look no further than leatherworking. There’s a whole world of possibilities when working with such a versatile material as leather, a lot of which you could use in your daily life. While this one won’t sit well with the vegans and animal rights activists among us, there is a certain sense of accomplishment of crafting your own goods, as well as the badassery of getting to show off your handiwork to everyone.

Flybird DIY Leather Workshop
地址: 下马陵2号院和平门里顺城巷内向西200米
Address: No.2 of Xia Ma Ling, Inside of He Ping Men, Next to Squirrel Coffee
电话: 186-0292-1455


thumb-1VR Games

Virtual reality gaming is still in its infancy. More specifically, it’s in that specific early adopter stage where you might be super excited about all of its promise but not in a position to spend thousands of RMB on something that might sit around your apartment collecting dust. Luckily there are other ways for you to try the gaming platform of the future, as there are a couple stores that, for a nominal fee, will allow you to strap on a headset and start exploring new worlds in extreme first-person.

Magic Tour VR Games Club
地址: 小寨领秀城17楼
Address: 17F of Ling Xiu Building, North 100 meters of Subway A exit, Next to Parkson North Gate
电话: 187-3419-9023  186-2844-5543


lys72vqbrf4etpflug-dxus3jixg0nabjuf0vspl47k85m6klxjrzmurwdiepbfktygvdmoszwtlal1wbwrw3aBoard Games

Video games are getting pretty sophisticated, but developers always seem to want to force you to play online with jerkass tweens who just saw Boondock Saints for the first time and want to try out their colorful new vocabulary via headset while you’re just trying to blow off steam. It’s enough to make a person long for the days of local multiplayer, and there’s no better way to get in that spirit than getting some friends together to play a game—analog style. If you don’t have any board games around the house, we found a place with shelves upon shelves of them and, even if you’re playing something a bit more hardcore like Risk or Settlers of Catan, they’ll let you sit and play until the undoubtedly bitter end.

No Worry Board Game Bar
无忧桌游吧 (李家村一店)
地址: 雁塔路北段8号李家村万达广场2栋1单元11楼13号(近李家村)
Address: 13# 11F, Unit 1 of No.2 Building, Wan Da Shopping Mall, Yan Ta Lu
电话:  029-8154 3707  152-0923-5183