XiachunSantouyan 夏春三头宴

Article By Linjing Wu

1F, Building 6, Fu Rong Xin Tian Di, Qu Jiang, Yanta District
(029) 8955 7958 / 7956
11:00am – 9:30pm

Average Price per Person /人均消费:100RMB

PROS: Nice atmosphere, good baozi

CONS: It’s a bit far from my home in Gaoxin, but people living in the southeast would probably find it nicely located

Local food and snacks in Xi’an tend to be spicy, salty and sour. If you can’t handle spicy food too well or you’re a light eater, come to this restaurant in Qujiang. Although the location can be a bit tricky, you still can enjoy authentic Zhejiang cuisine. The atmosphere of this restaurant is quite relaxing and homey. It’s a pretty good place for you to chillax with your friends and try out something new.

The first dish we had is so typical huaiyang style, sliced tofu and shrimp stewed with bone soup. You will be amazed by how thin the handmade tofu is. The dish is so light and fresh that you can taste the original flavor of the tofu. All in all, it’s a pretty decent appetizer. Our second dish was definitely the highlight of that meal, sliced eel with soy sauce. It is so tender and can actually melt in your mouth.It’s a little bit salty but with the fresh shrimp they made the best combo.

One thing I have to mention is their soup dumplings.This is the Shanghai style of steamed bun, or baozi, but the only difference is that these have soup inside. According to local people, they tend to drink the soup in the baoziwith a straw and then eat it. Without a straw, you can bite a little hole in the bun and drain the soup into your spoon to drink it. Heads up guys: you need to be a little patientbecause the soup can be so hot that you may burn your lips or tongue. But do make sure you taste the soup first and don’t just eat the bun whole, because it’s made by crab and pork, it’s really tasty and yummy and should be experienced on its own.

The one big thing that we think could be improved upon would be their service—we felt very rushed during the meal when we would have liked to have enjoyed ourselves at a more leisurely pace. Besides that it’s still a nice restaurant with a lot of potential, and if you haven’t tried some cuisines from other parts of China, this place would be a good one to try something new and change up your daily routine.