Lapis Thai 藏珑泰极

Article By Idara & Ines

1F #47, G-Park Shopping Mall, 22 Xing Huo Lu
(029) 6569 5868
11:00am – 10:00pm

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 80-120RMB

PROS: Great food, drinks and service

CONS: While the food is great, it’s not super “Thai”


Ihave recently had the pleasure of dining at a place called Lapis Thai. This restaurant is located in the fairly new shopping center called G-Park, which is northwest of the City Wall. The restaurant itself is clean and well maintained. It also has an outdoor seating area with a lounge feel and a soothing waterfall cascading down the wall. The outdoor furniture is a mixture of modern simplicity and country summertime comfort. Inside the restaurant is just as comfortable as it was outside. Inside is decorated in a more contemporary style and they utilize dim lighting and low music to set a nice, relaxed atmosphere. The ambience is perfect, whether you are out on a date or simply hanging out with friends. It also doesn’t matter if you are outside on a stunning day or inside enjoying the company of friends, you will feel comfortable enough to just sit for hours. And a bonus for ladies: the bar has bag hooks!.





As for the food and drinks, they are absolutely delicious. Thai food is known for the exciting spices and flavors used in their dishes. At Lapis the food is wonderful, but not quite as “Thai” as a Thai food aficionado would expect. They do have dishes with a higher level of spice and those are listed on the menu with a spice level indicator. I enjoyed the Red Thai Curry, listed at one chili, but, for those who are looking for more heat, they have dishes up to three chilies strong. I have to admit, though their food may not be so adventurous, their cocktail menu is. They provide a variety of different cocktails, and they are all made to perfection, even down to the cups used for the specific drink. I really enjoyed the Moscow Mule, and they use a cold copper cup to make it authentic.

The service at Lapis is unequivocally the best service I have received in any restaurant in Xi’an. The servers continually check on you to ensure you have everything you need to be happy while you dine. While there I met two superb bartenders, Irwan and Rowy. They both spoke wonderful English and they were really good conversationalists. Their very helpful and informative pointers rounded off one of those exceptional nights that you sometimes get in Xi’an!

I have now eaten at this restaurant several times, and have not been disappointed once. I highly recommend that everyone give this place a try.

Ines and Idara came to kick ass and drink cocktails, but luckily their maitais are full. They can be reached at