Embers Steak & Grill 安伯斯牛排烧烤餐厅

Article By Kyle Wing

10110 Building 13, Yu Bin Fu, Ya Le Ju, Yan Nan 5 Lu.
5:00pm – 11:00pm

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 350RMB

PROS: Excellent food and service
CONS: Pricey


Located a stone’s throw from South Lake in Xi’an’s Qujiang district, sits a small, unassuming steakhouse called Embers. Upon entering the restaurant the first thing you will notice is the “open-kitchen” concept in full effect. There are two tables in the back for more private dinners but the majority of seating is adjacent to the kitchen so you can see your food being cooked while you wait. The decorum is simple, clean, and tidy. One noticeable feature is the world map painted on the wall with some information as to where their imported food comes from as well as their Spanish made Josper grill oven which is one of ten in China. That brings us to the most important part; the food and the experience.

The staff of Embers are very friendly and promptly sat my date and I down at a table. They immediately got busy in the kitchen. The first thing that was brought out to us was some bread with a side of oil and vinegar to dip. The bread was free and we were notified that if we wanted more bread it was also free of cost. Next, the salad. The salad was made of mostly lettuce but it was fresh and garnished with a tangy sweet dressing that wasn’t too overbearing. Definitely suitable for a variety of preferences. We were also able to try several appetizers such as their Canadian scallops and French liver on bread with a sweet pineapple sauce. By far, one of the tastiest dishes at the restaurant was the French liver on bread; this is coming from someone who dislikes liver! It was absolutely delicious. The liver was soft and flavorful and, after being dipped in the pineapple sauce (which had just enough sweetness), it was exceptional. I could have just eaten the liver for the night and been satisfied. Finally the steak arrived.

We were served portions of wagyu and angus beef that were massive. One steak could probably feed two people. We were notified that all beef in the restaurant is imported from Australia and on closer inspection I can confirm that the beef is imported from Blackmore Wagyu in Australia. They are one of the best producers of high-grade beef. The steak was cooked to about medium with a slightly pink middle. The beef was seasoned and wasn’t too salty. Between me and my date we had trouble finishing our plates! The steak was delicious and I can say with full confidence that it was one of the best I have ever had in my life.

I highly recommend this restaurant for group dinners and dates. Due to its location, it is a good date spot as South Lake is nearby and the views in Qujiang are quite beautiful. This isn’t the kind of restaurant you walk into to have a quick dinner. You need to book ahead so they can prepare the steaks ahead of time as they are quite meticulous in providing the best flavor. Highly recommended!

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