Seven Eats 七食

Article By Anthony Cordina

200m East South Gate of Qu Jiang 6 Hao, Cui Wei Rd.
180 9227 5030
10:30am – 9:00pm

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 65RMB

PROS: Healthy, fresh, affordable food
CONS: I know now how bad for me mayonnaise is

With a heavy focus on fresh, healthy ingredients, Seven Eats was created with the busy consumer (but not too busy to be health conscious) in mind and has been open for around a year now. You can find it on Cui Wei Lu in Qujiang and it is well worth a visit even if you don’t live, work or workout in the area. The owner, a young woman by the name of An Qi (Angel), is a fitness enthusiast who wasn’t happy with the lack of light, healthy food options available, particularly after her workouts, and so Seven Eats was born.

Taking inspiration from modern, American-style cafés, the owner has adopted a minimalist, industrial interior design with exposed and painted vents and piping with low hanging lights and just about everything being a shade of grey, black or white with the exception of the dark wood floors.

Seven Eats specializes in salads and bagels, and for drinks you can choose from several types of coffee and refreshing teas and fruit juices. I had the honey and grapefruit tea with my black pepper beef and smoked chicken salad and shredded barbecue chicken bagel while my lunch buddy had Sakura sparkling water with his vegetarian salad.

So basically the idea here is that you get to “build your own” salad from a very generous variety of ingredients, including different kinds of cold meats, cheese, nuts, fruits, vegetables and grains (with dressings sold separately), which is a good thing because you might very well decide against getting the humble mayonnaise when you realize that the stuff contains 720kCal per serving, which is the equivalent of five servings of egg or 36 servings of cucumber. Every option on the menu includes the calorie content, which is very useful if you’re a calorie counter and quite enlightening even if you aren’t. Ordering the perfect salad is a simple matter of ticking off boxes on a menu that contains English, Chinese and pictures to ensure that you get exactly what your calorie budget will allow.

Prices can range from less than ¥40 for a basic salad to around ¥130 for a healthy beverage, bagel and a salad packed with all the toppings your heart desires, and, in case you were wondering, the name “Seven Eats” was chosen in the hope that they can make it easier for people to enjoy delicious, healthy food every day of the week.

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