Amber Palace Xi’an 琥珀宫

Article By David Lee

No.9 Yannan 1st Road, Mandy Palaza, South of Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Yanta District.
(029) 8120 5768     187 0290 1786
11:00am – 9:30pm

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 120RMB

PROS: Food, décor, unique experience
CONS: None

Amber Palace is staking its claim as the best South Asian establishment in Xi’an.

Own and managed by the same group as Redfort Restaurant (located at the West Tang Market), Amber Palace is slightly more upscale and formal, offering a great assortment of South Asian dishes with incredible authenticity and flair.
Located just south of the Dayanta amidst all the newly reconstructed storefronts, Amber Palace is a cultural experience from the moment you walk through the beautifully carved wooden doors. The restaurant is cozy, seating about 98 customers at capacity in a small space within Mandy Plaza. But every aspect of the décor: the textile roofs, hanging paintings, flowy curtains and tableware take you far away from Xi’an.

But, of course, the most important part of every restaurant is the food. Upon arrival, I was told about their head chef, who was trained in a three-Michelin-star Indian restaurant in Singapore. I cynically believed those credentials would have no bearing on the actual result, but I was proven dead wrong. Chicken and fish curries came out of the kitchen and were the elegant mixture of complex flavors you expect from South Asian cooking. Tandoori meats and vegetables came straight out of the oven, which is visible due to the partial open-kitchen. Even the salads and naan were the best versions of themselves. My visit was during a soft-opening event, so the full menu was not available at the time. However, due to the quality and care shown in the food I ate, I am excited to go back and try the rest of what Amber Palace has to offer. Amber Palace is also stocked with a full bar, including a famous Indian Amrut Whiskey. The bartenders are knowledgeable and able to make almost anything upon request.

The small space also makes it the optimal place to rent out for weddings, birthdays and other major affairs. There are private rooms also available for smaller get-togethers, one featuring a window with a direct view of the pagoda. But the intimate vibe also makes it ideal for business meals, product launches, conferences or celebrations of any kind.

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