COMMUNE (天品西岸店)

Article By Ji

Tian Pin Xi An, Huang Cheng West Road.
(029) 8862 8917
11:00am -2:00am

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 67RMB

Xi’an has a great new location for brews, western food, and even cocktails, and I couldn’t be more excited. We already have plenty of great places to go for a cocktail, a beer, or some food, but I haven’t yet found a single spot that does it all…until now. Commune is a HUGE place, and the scope of what they provide is impressive. So let’s dive into the different aspects of Commune, and see how well they succeed at each.

Food: The menu is extensive and, for the most part, done well. Pizza, burgers, sandwiches, salads, and a wide array of appetizers; all at prices noticeably less than what you usually find around town. While no single dish is the best of its type that I’ve had locally, all of them are pretty good. My only issue here was the lack of attention to detail. The sausage platter came without mustard, or any kind of sauce, making it a bit hard to get through. The salad also came without dressing, and I was told that is actually how it is supposed to be. That said, they brought me salad dressing when I asked for it.

Drinks: Commune is a bit unique in their approach to drinks. An extensive cocktail menu has drinks ranging from 30-45RMB, and I found them to be very good, especially for the price. The drinks are just standard classics, but the menu is well-rounded and has something for everyone. There is also a large selection of bottled beers, with prices comparable to the bottle shops around town. Finally, they have a large selection of liquor sold by the bottle. This was the part that intrigued me most. At most bars, you’ll pay 500-700RMB for a full bottle, but Commune has a great selection with many coming in around the 130-230RMB range. Add in cheap mixers, and this can be a great option for a group to drink the night away. If you don’t finish, they also allow you to store your bottle at the bar for up to a month, and you can come back and “check it out” up to three times.

Location: Commune is located just outside the southwest corner of the city wall on the TianPin Xi’an (天品西岸) bar strip, and is very easy to find. The interior is warm, inviting, comfortable, and gigantic, with seating for at least 500.

In all, this is a great spot to spend an evening, and I really hope they do well here. The best way to describe Commune is: It’s just like a certain chain bar that we all know very well, only everything from the food to drinks to decor is all about 123% better.

Ji is a singer, maker of Ejuice, and lover of all things drinkable. He can be reached at