Egg Bang 爆蛋堡

Article By Stephen Robinson

6F, Saga Shopping Mall, Xiao Zhai East Road.
(029) 8932 7931

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 45RMB

As some may have heard, Westhouse closed its Big Goose Pagoda location during 2019. This made many of us sad, as the place had very nice menu of things not often found in Xi’an – including a creative list of burger and hot dogs not to be found anywhere else. So, when it was rumored that the former owner of Westhouse opened up a new place, it instantly moved up the list. The new location, dubbed EGG BANG 爆蛋堡, is located on the 6th floor of Saige Mall in Xiaozhai, near to Tube Station Pizza.

You know what you’re in for before you ever walk in the door, as the menu is proudly displayed outward so you can peruse it at your leisure. The menu has both Chinese and English, including a list of ingredients for each menu item. Ordering is done through an automated kiosk, where you can select your food and drinks and then pick up a numbered pager that will go off when your order is ready. You can then be seated at one of the high-top tables, or at one of the two regular, four-person tables.

Instantly when you walk by the open kitchen, you can tell you are in for a treat. Anyone who has ever worked in a place with excellent burgers can tell you that the secret to the best restaurant burgers is in the flattop griddle, and the one at EGG BANG is massive. Right as your order goes in, you can see them put a fresh beef patty on the grill. No microwaved BS here. Just past the griddle, you can see another sign. There are ovens, a proofing rack, and a fancy bread toaster. That’s right. They make their own hamburger buns, fresh every day. Top all of that off with a nice deep fryer for the crispiest of fries, unlimited soda fountain, and high-tech handwashing station. You can tell that they wanted to get everything right.

On to the food. The Classic EGG BANG Burger is a cheeseburger with grilled onions, cheese, and – get this – scrambled eggs. Though the thought is initially unsettling, scrambled eggs are actually an excellent addition to a burger. They cook them until they are just creamy, and then slather them on. While they do have options that don’t have the scrambled eggs, it’s highly suggested that you try one. It is excellent. They also have burgers topped with bacon, chili con carne, or just cheese. In addition to the burger options, there also egg sandwiches with cheese and/or bacon. All the burgers are wrapped in a piece of paper and then placed in a sleeve. If you’ve ever been to an In-and-Out Burger or Steak Shack, this is the style. And you will need that paper, because these things are juicy. If there needed to be a criticism, I would say that the buns are just a bit too soft at times, but that might be down to personal preference.

In addition to the burger options, they also serve up two types of French fry, traditional white potato fries or sweet potato fries. There is also an option for chili cheese fries. The chili cheese fries come absolutely loaded with chili and cheese, so much so that you really need a fork to get through it. The chili is just the right kind of spicy, but the fries still manage to hold up throughout the experience.

Drink options are not huge, but this place really seems to be about doing a few things very well. They have the aforementioned soda fountain, but also they offer a few different milkshakes, including a moderately boozy Bailey’s milkshake that comes with whipped cream and a miniature bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream sticking out of it. The flavor of the milkshakes are good, but they are a bit thinner than you might normally expect from a milkshake.

From the initial impression, this place really hits the nail on the head. They food is delicious, affordable, and well-executed. This reviewer has already been back since the initial review three times, and will likely continue to do so in the future. If you’re looking for an excellent burger, or if you want to try something that is unique, then this is the place for you. The egg sandwiches start at RMB 18 for the Classic Egg Sandwich, RMB 22 with bacon. Burgers start at RMB 29 for a regular burger and go up to RMB 39 for the Double Classic EGG BANG Burger. They also sell a set meal for RMB 56 which includes a burger, fries, and a fountain soda. The place tends to fill up quickly around meal times, so it’s suggested that you get there earlier, as no reservations are taken.

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