EGG BANG 爆蛋堡(熙地港店)

Article By Stephen Robinson

L513, 5F, Xi Di Gang Shopping Mall.
(029) 8366 3259
10:00am – 10:00pm

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 28RMB

Agood burger can be hard to find in Xi’an, with most offerings being of the bland fast food variety. That was until the minds behind Westhouse opened up EGG BANG in the Saige Mall at the close of 2019. It was refreshing. It was delicious. It was good. But then COVID hit and Saige decided to renovate their 6th floor, eliminating many restaurants, including EGG BANG. It was a sad discovery. But not one to stay down, they got back at it soon after by opening a shop at Momopark, and their most recent outing, a shop at CityOn Mall in the North.

For those of you unfamiliar with EGG BANG, it’s a relatively simple concept. Good Burgers, egg sandwiches, and tasty fried foods. As is often the case, simplicity is key to a successful restaurant, with not too many choice on the menu, they are free to get it right. This included hand-formed beef patties, freshly made buns, and … eggs? That’s right, eggs. While the occasional fried egg may be a commonplace topping on many a wester burger, EGG BANG uses a soft scramble to top many of their burgers. While this may seem like a slightly strange choice at first, in practice it works very well. The eggs add a creaminess to the burgers without making them overly heavy, and also making this a protein-packed option. The other toppings vary, from pineapple on their Aloha Burger to spicy chili on their El Paso Burger. These are all paired with different types of sauces, such as sriracha mayo and thousand island. You can definitely tell when you are eating that some serious thought went into these burgers.

If you are looking for something a bit lighter, you can opt for one of their egg sandwiches, which are similar to their burgers, without the beef patty. Options included eggs and cheese, eggs and bacon, and egg and chili. These make for a great light lunch or just a tasty alternative to their regular menu. They also have some very delicious fries, crunchy on the exterior while being fluffy on the interior. All of their burger sauces are also available as dipping sauces, so there’s no need to stick just with ketchup. They also have some tasty boneless fried chicken, if you’re in the mood for something a bit different.

When it comes to drinks, they do the same thing as at their other locations, with a free-flow soda fountain available in the dining area. The plastic cups are tiny, but you can refill them as often as you like.

EGG BANG is a great place for a fast casual lunch or a quick dinner. Prices are relatively reasonable, with their egg sandwiches starting at 18RMB for just the sandwich and their burgers starting at 29RMB. You can also get a set meal that comes with a drink, a burger, and fries for 17RMB more than the cost of a burge. There are also specials available via the 大众点评 app, so check that out before you order. If you are nearby, or you are just looking for a tasty burger, this is the place to try.

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