Modern Huaiyang Cuisine at the W XIAN’s YEN

There is a saying that if you ate a different Chinese dish every day of your life, you would not be able to eat every dish over an entire life time. While Chinese cuisine can be a vast and complicated subject, generally there are eight major cuisines, with a four of those considered to be the ‘Great Traditions’ recognized as the best of the best, and also meant to represent the best of the North, South, East, and West. Most people will be familiar with Chuan, the food from Shaanxi’s neighboring province of Sichuan, as well as Yue, the food of Guangdong, commonly referred to as Cantonese cuisine.

United We Anime: Jason’s Dream

The anime community in Xi’an has gained a new hotspot recently. Indeed, it is none other than the Xi’an Anime Club, founded by our beloved Jason Rogers.

Mr. Jason Rogers comes from Maryland, USA. Amongst the sea of cartoon media during his childhood, anime was quintessential. Indeed, many of us started watching anime because of 4Kids and Toonami’s localized versions. To the young Jason, anime wasn’t too different from other cartoons, including his first anime, Pokémon, and his longest anime companion, One Piece. However, after learning about the differences between American cartoons and Japanese anime, Jason started to understand this form of media even more, which brought him to his first “adult” anime, Cowboy Bebop.

极致驾控,一触即发 西安中宝全新BMW3系漂移驾控培训体验日圆满结束

3月21日,西安中宝全新BMW 3系漂移驾控培训体验日活动在了乐华城完美收官。本次漂移驾控培训体验日活动规模盛大,体验丰富,共有15位Bimmer参与其中。全新BMW 3系作为当仁不让的主角,以全新美学设计、先锋智能科技与强劲性能表现,带领Bimmer们悦享一场充满激情与惊喜的漂移驾控盛宴。 伴随着汽车的轰鸣声,漂移驾控体验日正式拉开帷幕。专业赛道培训师对驾驶安全、漂移动作:U弯漂移、定圆漂移、180°漂移掉头等内容进行了理论培训。如何精准控制油门和刹车,如何熟练掌握重量转移技巧,高效完成漂移动作。 Read More …


以缤纷菜品开启春日味蕾狂欢节,西安皇冠假日酒店御皇轩中餐厅“粤式茶点·任点任食”活动一经预热便受到广大美食爱好者的期待。2021年3月15日,酒店特别邀请了众多媒体进行试餐品鉴。 在餐厅精心准备的美食菜单上,各类凉菜,烧腊,汤,热菜,粤式蒸点,小吃,点心,主食,粥品等80余种精致菜品均不限量供应。厨师长及其团队极尽巧思,从应季时蔬到经典粤菜,琳琅满目,色香味俱全。而这样满满一桌不限量的美味,门市价仅需138元/位,现在预约可享99元/位限时早鸟价。 大快朵颐之时,餐厅内9.9元软饮自助区也有宝藏等你发现。4种软饮+4种奶茶+4种水果+4种冰淇淋=9.9元!饭后甜点全拥有,为就餐画上完美句号! 餐厅营业时间:11:30-14:00 Read More …

Hualuxe Xi’an Hi-tech Zone -Xianyan All-Day-Dining Restaurant 西安中晶华邑酒店•鲜艳全日餐厅

Only a short (<10min) walk from Yanpingmen Station (Line 3) and with car access from Tuanjie South Road (团结南路), Hualuxe Hotel is very accessible. Upon arrival, we learned from the welcoming staff that the hotel had just opened last year. Everything from the decorations to the appliances to the meticulously manicured bamboo-lined entryway demonstrates a modern Chinese style. Notable is that throughout the lobby of the hotel were cages of various kinds – a distinctive feature hinting at an appeal to affluent clientele. After all, in ancient China, only the wealthy had the time and resources to care for and admire pet birds. According to Dazhong Dianping, the restaurant is currently the #5-ranked buffet in Xi’an for environmental quality.

Steak Universe 酒师扒房 (西影店)

I once had a friend who used to complain about the lack of standalone restaurants. He loathed the fact that every half decent restaurant happened to be in a mall or jammed into the first floor of a building, not allowing for much in the way of outdoor seating or enjoyment. And it’s true, real estate is a premium and the fact of the matter is that it is more economical to save on expenses by going the mall route. It’s also almost guaranteed foot traffic to help your business along. So when you find a restaurant that breaks out of this mold; that is something to pay attention to.