Written by Jack Marshall and Tracy

One cold night while walking around the south square of Da Yan Ta I walked past this great looking bar called Faces. True to its name, from the outside it looked like every other bar on the street, however, much like the different faces we all wear each day, it’s what lies behind that face that counts.
Upon walking in Faces bar reveals its fun side. From the foosball and sand shuffle board tables to the cages for dancers and the oxygen pumping out the walls, this place is awesome! With a club vibe Faces opens at 9pm and keeps partying throughout the night.
I found a spot in one of the booths and was greeted by a foreign waiter, electronic menu in hand. The Italian chef cooks up burgers and pizzas etc. The drinks menu was great; the usual favorites were there from Belgium Beers to rum& coke at really low prices. The cocktail men is two pages long and has some drinks I’m not used to seeing in Xi’an, like Vodka and fizzy Red Bull.
Before I could order, the manager walked over and handed me a ‘Faces cocktail’, delicious! We went on a quick tour of the place. Firstly, the bathrooms looked like they belong in a five star hotel. With oxygen air freshener pumping out the walls to a vanity table and bench, I was amazed by the sophistication of it all. Free pool, foosball and shuffle board tables add to the ‘bar’ feel. Just then the dancers came out.
With, what seemed to be, a flip of a switch, Faces transformed into a night club. The cages in the center of the bar filled with professional dancers, a few tables where shuffled and the party began. Peeling back the layers I found that the bar was opened as a place for the owner and friends to party, put perfectly by Sawada, a regular at Faces, “wherever, whatever, Faces is your home, just chill.”
A great night out at faces can be had any night of the week as each night has specials, as well as a men’s night.(it’s about time) All and all, Faces is a place for us all to remove the day to day face and just unwind.
Pros: The prices are really low and the drinks are not watered down. The atmosphere as well as the English speaking waiters makes Faces stands out from the rest. Dancers, live music, unique bathrooms and the list goes on.
Cons: Waiting for 9pm when the doors open, haha.
  • Average Price per person/人均消费:  30 RMB
  • Address /地址:Bar Street, Happy Mall Court, East of South Square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda. ( 大雁塔南广场新乐汇酒吧街中段 )
  • Tel /电话: 029-8931 9898
  • Hours /时间: 8:00pm – 6:00am