Written by Chef Andrea

Ingredients 用料:
• 100g Mortadella ( 意式肉肠 )
• 100g Parma Ham ( 帕尔马火腿 )
• 100g Pork loin ( 猪里脊肉 )
• 40g parmesan cheese ( 帕尔马干酪 )
• Nutmeg ( 肉豆蔻 )
Preparation 做法:
1) Prepare the pasta dough using 10 eggs for every kilogram of all purpose flour. Rest it in the fridge for one hour
( 将面粉加水和好,按每公斤面团10个鸡蛋的比例加入鸡蛋和匀后放置冰箱1小时 )
2) Trim the tenderloin and chop it thinly together with the Parma ham and the mortadella
( 将准备好猪里脊肉、帕尔马火腿和意式肉肠切碎并搅拌成馅 )
3) Add the grated parmesan cheese and season with the nutmeg
( 将馅料中加入磨碎的帕尔马干酪和肉豆蔻调味 )
4) Roll the pasta dough until 1 mm thick and starting with a square shape fold in triangle first and close around your finger
 ( 将面团压成1毫米厚度的薄片,切成方形加入馅料后对折成三角捏紧 )
5) Cook the tortellini in salted boiling water
( 将包好的饺子放入煮沸的盐水中,煮熟后捞出即可食用 )
Chef Tip: The most traditional way to enjoy the tortellini is in a chicken consommé or with Bolanaise sauce