Written by XIANEASE

We came up with the idea to fill everyone in on small things happening around the city. So if you have anything you would like the community to know about send us an email ( tidbits@xianease.com) and let everyone know!
Christmas Decorations
It’s that time of year and lots of folks are looking at bringing a bit of home to Xi’an by decorating offices, classrooms, and living rooms. Though there are a few scattered places to grab fake trees and twinkle lights the one place to go for everything is called Qing Gong in the north west of the city. This mega-plex super mall sells everything from small electronics and rugs to plastic goods and clothes with a pretty large selection of Christmas decorations on the third floor. Just remember to be sure to bargain!
Place: Qing Gong Market (西北轻工批发市场)
Hours: Daily 8:30am – 6:00pm
Get There: Subway Line 1 Tong Hua Men (通化门) stop on the North side of the street
New Leban Opened outside South Gate
For those in the know in south Gaoxin is a great little bakery and sandwich shop with a Danish baker and some of the best hamburgers in the city. The only problem was location – but in late October they opened a new location just outside the South Gate in the MeiMei International Building (outside the South gate on the West side of the street). Same great stuff but in a more central location!
Place: Le Ban (乐班)
Hours: Daily 8:00am – 11:00pm
Get There: Subway Line 2 Yong Ning Men (永宁门) stop on the West side of the street
3 as 4 Bar New Location
One of the smaller but very popular night locations has moved. The folks passionate about this place let us know about the move and asked us to tell others. So there you go, 3 as 4 Bar has gone from Xiang Zi Miao Jie (湘子庙街) to the south side of Defu Xiang (德福巷南边). To find their new location head into the bar street from the south entrance and they will be the first building on the left. It looks the exact same so keep your eyes open and you won’t miss it.