Written by Brian Bergey

Thank god for pork belly.  More importantly, thank god China loves this delicious pig part just as much as the rest of the world.  This piece of meat tastes delicious no matter how it’s cooked, but we’ve been craving some good smoked bacon just like we get back home.  This month we scoured the city to see what we could find.
诚信和 (Cheng Xin He) has been in business for 4 generations and, from what we could find, they are the best shop selling XXX (Bang Bang Meat), commonly known as smoked pork.  Historically, Bang Bang Meat got its name because sellers would carry the meat around in a wood box and hitting it to make a “bang” sound so people knew they were coming.
Interesting trivia aside, the smoked meat is what’s really special.  This shop smokes it in a nearby warehouse over wood and tea leaves.  The result is a delicious smoky flavor and incredibly tender texture.  The best part is that they don’t stop with pork belly.  As you approach the shop, you’ll notice a large bowl filled with smoked eggs, tofu and other pork parts for the more adventurous eaters.
We recommend enjoying a kilo or two in the shop, and then taking some more home to slice and enjoy with a fried egg or make a smoked pork sandwich.  Perhaps you’re like me and just keep it in the fridge and grab a piece every time you walk by.  Either way, you won’t be disappointed!
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What you need to know
Address: 报恩寺街路南BaoensiJie Lu Nan
Directions: Enter Han Guang Men gate from the south and then turn right on BaoensiJie.  The shop is on the right and doesn’t have a number, but they are right next to #34.
Cost: 50RMB per 500g, 2RMB per Egg/Tofu
Brian is from the US and has lived all over the world finding good food and adventure everywhere he lives. In Xi’an he works for an American software company and co-owns Lost Plate Food Tours, a tour company aimed at introducing foreigners to the best local food in the city. To find out more about their tours, check out or email