Written by Jack Marshall & Tracy Nel

Over the last few months I have been searching for a bar that my friends and I could call our “spot”. It seems the hunt is over, as a few nights ago I ventured west down past Zhuque gate and found this awesome little place called K Liquor Store.
K Liquor Store is situated just inside Xiao Nan Men near Mototo. This store is unique to all the other liquor stores in that it feels like a pub. As you arrive you’ll notice all the tables and chairs spread out along the sidewalk which makes for a pleasant night under the “stars”. The interior of K Liquor is as impressive as anywhere else I’ve been. The custom crafted K Bar chairs and tables make it feel upmarket and comfy. Scattered throughout the bar are quirky adornments such as Stormtrooper helmets, a tricked out chopper and the huge Baymax greeting you at the door. The décor goes a long way to making this liquor store feel more like a backyard bar.
The drink menu is limited; however the prices make up for that. All the beers we are used to paying at least 50 RMB for are less than 30RMB, like my favorites, Guinness and Erdinger, resulting in what would be a two-for-one deal at other establishments.
Due to the unique location of K Liquor, if you are sat outside on any given night you will be transported into a scene from The Fast and the Furious. All the young rich guys with their expensive cars come cruising down the lane. It’s a feast for the eyes while K Liquor is a feast for the beer drinkers.
K Liquor is, in a word, simplicity. Come get a drink at low prices, take a comfortable seat with friends and enjoy the night.
Pros: The low prices, the location, and the parade of amazing cars down the lane.
Cons: Not much variety and they are only open from 8pm, not good news for the day drinkers among us.
Avg price: RMB20, no kidding.
Address:50m west of Shun Cheng Xiang, Xiao Nan Men.
( 小南门顺城巷西50米路东 )
Business Hours:7:00pm-2:00am