Written by Sai and Chloe-Louise

The word “pizza” became a part of the Italian Language in 793AD. However, its origins date further back. Who knew this meagre event would become a global phenomenon?! Pizza is more than just a good meal, it’s that awkward feeling on your first date; it’s a Saturday night indoors with the family; it’s that cheeky slice on the way home after a good night out with the lads; it’s movie night with the girls. Given the meaning our cultures have attached to this delicacy, we weren’t going to be easily impressed by just any Italian joint.
The owner of L’acquolina is Italian, but, if you didn’t already know that, the decor would lay any doubt of his nationality to rest. A riot of red, white and green covers the entire restaurant. We liked the relaxed and laid back atmosphere, where we were not judged for rocking up in shorts and T-shirts and leaving with our faces covered in tomato sauce and cheese. We were greeted by the charming and charismatic Matteo, who adds a homely and warm feel to his restaurant when he tells us about his family.
Spoiled for choice, the menu offers a vast collection of pizzas, pastas, sides and desserts catering to the exact palate of any Italian food lover.
 Just trying to choose a pizza was daunting! However, Matteo informed us that there was no issue in putting up to four different varieties on one pizza. Problem solved!
Though it was still tricky, we managed to narrow down our pizza to just four types. First was Pepperoni, because sometimes the most delicious options are the simplest. Next was Salsiccia, a combination of cheese and the finest Italian pork sausage, and the herbs complimented the meat perfectly without being too overpowering. Third was Four Formaggi, created with 4 different kinds of cheese to fulfil any cheese lovers dreams, which was a perfect blend of all the cheeses, and as any westerner in China knows, good cheese is always a treat! Finally, we had Viennese, which brings America and Italy together by putting hotdog on a pizza, which was a match made in heaven!

We also tested out two appetising sides: Polpettine, which are essentially deep-fried breaded pork balls, and Mozzarella en Carrozza, which are just like miniature toasted sandwiches. Not to be over shadowed by the pizzas, these are a great treat to nibble on. Unfortunately, by this time we were bursting at the seams, so we didn’t have an opportunity to try the pastas on offer.
L’acquolina de Bocca is definetly worth a visit, but if you’re too lazy, and fancy a night in with Netflix, keep in mind that these guys deliver. Next time we’re craving pizza, we know where we are going!
Pros: you don’t need to order a whole pizza if you are just a bit peckish. L’acuquolina in Bocca sells it by the slice!
Cons: can be a bit difficult to find if you don’t know where you are going.
Recommendations: Pepperoni Pizza and the Polpettine!
Per person: 20RMB-60RMB
Average Price per Person/人均消费:
Address /地址:
Gaoxin qu jin ye lu lǜ di shiji cheng zhongyang guangchang1-103
( 高新区锦业路绿地世纪城中央广场1-103 )
Tel /电话: 029-8625 0490
Hours /时间: 11:00am-8:00pm