Written by XIANEASE

In Xi’an finding a doctor can be one of the most difficult things to be done, especially when there aren’t many actual family practice centers in town and the idea of a family physician isn’t something that made it to China. This month we did a bit of research and come up with a favored list of hospitals that have a reputation in the city as the top of the group. While almost every area in Xi’an has its own general hospital that can treat everything from broken arms to skin rashes the ones featured here are specialist in what they do and everyone on the list is backed up by at least one personal account of how good they are.
Keep in mind that when there is a problem you are not alone the SOS Beijing office is just a phone call away and can help with any problems you might have. They are a 24-hour hotline with a doctor on standby at all times to answer any questions, make local and international referrals, help in translating with the local doctors all for free. An amazing service aimed at helping expats living in China.
Being sick is never easy but hopefully this list will help:
SOS Beijing:
1064629100 (+0 from a landline)
The list presented here is not a full list of all hospitals in Xi’an only those that have received compliments for outstanding service. Do you have another that you would like to add write us and tell us about it editorial@xianease.com.
Xi’an Jiaotong University Dental Hospital
Address: #98, Xi Wu Road, Xi Cheng District, Xi’an.
Tel: 029-87275706
Bus: 33,102,601,216,238,714
One of the most famous dental practices in western China, with most dentists receiving overseas training most doctors speak English. Nurses and other staff all speak Chinese.
Fourth Military Medical University Dental Hospital
Address:145, Chang Le West Road, Xin Cheng District, Xi’an.
Bus: 105,10,11,213
The most recommended and versatile dental clinic in Xi’an the doctors and nurses speak a bit of English. They do everything from crowns and orthodontistry, to basic check-ups, cleanings.
Xi’an No.4 Hospital (ophthalmology Hospital)
Address: 21, Jie Fang Road, Xi’an.
Bus: 5,7,8,14,20,25,27,29,30
Specializing in eye care and surgery they have the most advanced and up-to-date equipment and facilities. While the staff’s English language ability is somewhat limited their service is top of the line and already trusted by both Chinese and expat alike.
Gaoxin Hospital
Address:16 Tuanjie nanlu
TEL:029-88330116 or 029-88330282
Bus: 608,400,34,14,107,512,40,29,218
The premier general practice hospital in Xi’an they have western amenities and internationally trained doctors that specialize in many fields. They also have a 24 hour emergency room that can handle and stabilize most situations.
Xi’an Children’s Hospital
Address: 9, Ke Ji Road, Xi’an
Bus: 14,34,210,218,220,322,400,503
The only child focused hospital in Xi’an, while other hospitals around the city will have pediatric clinics this hospital is only focused on child care meaning that they have the best facilities and specifically trained doctors.