Written by Eco-Way Ltd

Eco-Way Is a newly licensed Xi’an company.  It is formed as a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise, one of few such entities in Xi’an.  The founding managers, Adam, Caitlynn, and Donna, are Americans who love learning about the culture and language of China.  Caitlynn, who is seen the company’s website modeling Eco-Way’s recycled products, says, “This is such a great opportunity.”  “We all feel very lucky to be here.”  Adam includes, “Yes, we have a super team of committed people.  It is a bit of a mini-United Nations at Eco-Way.  Our group, which is still all volunteer, is mostly from China, Pakistan, Liberia, England, Thailand, South Korea, Nigeria, and the United States.  We are all students or recent students who believe the environment is worth saving!  Moreover, we are working to do something about it.”
Eco-Way’s Mission says: Our business aims to provide product and services based on a sustainable model that increase society’s standard of living while minimizing environmental harm to our planet.
Says Caitlynn, “Yes, our objective is pretty clear.  We want to be the change that leads to the change in attitudes and behavior.  We want people to be aware of the harm they do to the environment with each buying decision from buying the least polluting most fuel efficient vehicle, to stopping others from polluting ground water, to choosing an eco-bag for shopping and travel.”
Eco-Way’s products are made from 100% recycled plastic and are made by hand. They use minimal water and electrical resources to make each bag.  The process includes collecting recycled plastic from college campuses, transporting the plastic to villages where a plastic yarn is made.  The plastic yarn is used to make the finished products.  So, villagers can earn an income throughout the process.  Moreover, the products are strong, bug resistant, and washable.
Says senior manager Donna, “We think that the village is a key component.  We are a social enterprise.  This means while we have an economic goal of making a profit, we want to help people and the planet as well.  We give 5% of our profits to organizations focused on improving the lives of women and children. Volunteering, being a community partner, and protecting the environment is our purpose.  Otherwise, we’d open a factory, pollute the earth, underpay workers, and make a profit and leave!  That is not Eco-Way. And we sincerely hope that is the past.  We want to be that change that leads to more change.”
As part of their community commitment, volunteer spirit, and environmental focus, Eco-Way is hosting an Environmental Conference in Foping October 31-November 1st.  The event will feature environmental speakers from the United States and China.
Here’s the conference format:
First Annual Eco-Conference in Foping
October 30, 31, November 1
Foping Nature Reserve, about 215 km south of Xi’an, is known as the “Home of the Panda”.  It lies in the middle of Qinling Mountains and contains the highest panda population density in China.  To increase wild panda populations and their habits by at least 10%, the Shaanxi Forestry Department and WWF are working together to create new panda reserve and establish ecological corridors to enlarge the protected habitat for the panda population in Xi’an. This importance Chinese landmark is the site of our Environmental Conference.
Eco-Conference is a platform for people to learn about sustainability, share resources, and connect individual projects being led by eco- friendly groups. Students, teachers, government officers, and business people from any academic discipline, experience level, are encouraged to attend.
Eco-Conference is one of China’s premier environmental conferences focusing on sustainability education and action planning!  During action planning, participants are divided into small teams.  Participants next ask questions about issues they feel most passionate and concerned.. Participants create the dialogue while sharing and networking.  At the end of the conference, teams will present their action plans.
In addition to environmental action planning, participants will have the wonderful opportunity to clean the Nature Reserve.  We will spend a few hours cleaning the Panda’s home!
University students and faculty, Government Officials, International NGOs, National NGOs, Local villagers, and Corporation Sustainability Officers will work together harmoniously as everyone becomes more environmentally aware.
University Participation
Students from several universities are on the planning committee:
• Jiaotong University
• Xi Gong Da
• Xi Dian Da Xue
• Xi’an Gong Ye Da Xue
Further information about the conference is on Eco-Way’s website,  There’s a conference link.  For information in Chinese, please contact “Capri” at +86 155 9668 0689.  For further information in English, please contact XiDian student “David” at +86 180 9297 5940.
Individuals and business who would like to join Eco-Way have several choices including:
Community Involvement—Monthly Community Focus Group
A focus group is a roundtable discussion of up to 12 people, facilitated by our professional
moderator, to allow for an in-depth discussion of attitudes and perceptions.
We wish to recruit residents who admitted to littering (in at least two categories) a range of commodities from cigarette butts to wrappers, bottles, cans, cups, and even boxes or bags of trash.  We will recruit through posters, word of mouth, and through an online ad. 4-month commitment.  Volunteer. No Pay.  Dinner is provided.  Adults only.  Results will be published.  Appreciation Award and Recognition at Annual Awards Banquet.
Community Involvement —Monthly Green Drinks Sustainability Forums
Yes. Drinks.  Excellent networking.  Eco-Way will bring together experts, executives, practitioners, university students and community members to present, discuss, and learn about critical sustainability issues, solutions, and innovations.
We discuss pressing environmental concerns and provide a platform for the community also to share recent developments and initiatives being undertaken.
Activities include speakers, films, and sustainability training.
Eco-Way’s partner for Green Drinks programming a Shanghai NGO.
Community Involvement —Quarterly Community Service Events
We will work with Xi’an University Environmental Groups to get out and clean!  The main goals are to educate, raise awareness, build community, have fun, and make a positive difference.  Events may include river/stream cleanups, highway/street cleanups, reading/playing with children in village communities, assisting at a homeless shelter, assisting at an orphanage, or whatever the university students deem worth of our volunteer hours.  This is great for teams.  Team up. Show up.  Make a difference in the lives of others.  Certificates of Participation.  Recognition of volunteer hours.  Awards at Annual Awards Dinner for top volunteers.
Eco-Way’s partners for Community Service Events are student leaders at Xi’an Universities.
Business can work with Eco-Way to enhance their sustainability initiatives by becoming an:
• EcoBusiness* Recycling Site by recycling plastics directly with Eco-Way;
• EcoBusiness* Purchaser by buying Eco-Way recycled products;
• EcoBusiness* Education Site by posting flyers, posters, or decals;
• EcoBusiness* Volunteer Site with quarterly volunteer events;
• EcoBusiness* Sponsor by sponsoring Green Drinks events.
Top Businesses in each category will be recognized during the Annual Awards Banquet!
We will partner with a United States NGO to fully integrate our EcoBusiness* platform
For more information or to join us, please contact “Capri” ____________ at +86 xxx xxxx xxxx.