Seafood Island

Written by Naomi and Javier

Rumor had it that there was a Cajun restaurant in Xi’an. In Xi’an? Sha? We heard about it from a friend and since we love spice, butter, seafood and garlic we for sure had to try it out. It’s located a (big) block west of Xi Gong Da University. It sits on the east wall of Feng Qing park.
The environment is very American sports bar/sailor themed. There are several TVs playing sports and music videos, and it’s decorated with fishing nets and other sea-themed decorations. The tables are lined with paper and you get disposable gloves and bibs so you can make a mess and eat with your hands. The food and drinks are served in metal buckets creating an authentic feeling. The place is small with several booths and two big tables. The cozy environment gave us an opportunity to speak with the owner, a Chinese American woman who wanted to bring this awesome American flavor back to her hometown. Her English, of course, is amazing and will personally serve you.
We tried the Fishermen’s Wharf Combo. It’s a mixed bucket of clams, shrimp and crawfish covered in a spicy garlic butter sauce that will make you want to lick your fingers (correction: gloves). It’s glove-licking good. On the side, we tried some sweet yam fries and chicken tenders. The food there is perfectly spicy – not enough to slow you down but just enough to keep your tongue tingling. Additionally, this restaurant offers other high-quality seafood options such as clam, crab, lobster, and mussel, and also offers sauces including garlic butter, lemon pepper, and Chinese style. Many of the ingredients, such as spices and real butter are imported to create authentic American Cajun cuisine. For those of you who don’t know, Cajun is Creole cuisine from the southern US state of Louisiana with flavors from a mix of cultures characterized by spice, seafood and garlic. The flavors are very rich.
At three months old, this baby restaurant is well on its way to success due to its unique flavor and style. By May, the restaurant will have some upgrades which include outdoor seating, BBQ and live music.
Pro: You won’t find this genre of food anywhere else in Xi’an.  Reasonably priced and delicious.
Con: The menu is limited.
Price: 150-200 per person
喜欢艾伦美式海鲜餐吧为美国路易斯安那风味新派海鲜,以蒜香黄油主打口味而出名的seafood island餐吧其美国旗舰店“the boiling crab”在加州bay area早已名声大噪。店主heather shi每隔三个月都会返美采购原材料,是西安首家真正意义上的使用进口原材料的美式餐厅,新增阿拉斯加帝王蟹、波士顿龙虾及其他国家进口海产品。同时销售各类进口啤酒,每晚黄金时段有钢琴弹唱。为迎接夏夜到来,户外西式烧烤等新品已在筹备中,欢迎您的到来。
Average Price per person/人均消费:  150-200 RMB
Address /地址: 200m North of East Gate of Feng Qing Park, Tao Yuan South Road ( 桃园南路丰庆公园东门向北200米路西 )
Tel /电话: 029-8421 8295
Hours /时间: 11:30am – 10:00pm

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