Liuxiang Noodles

Article By Stephen Sun


Liuxiang Noodles are one of the famous noodles in Xi’an and it’s certainly one of a kind. It first opened in a narrow alley on Dongdajie (东大街), and, in the beginning, the restaurant didn’t have a name. Because the alley was named Liuxiang (柳巷,Willow Alley), diners called it Liuxiang Noodles. Though the restaurant moved to Jiqing Alley(吉庆巷), it retained its classic name.

Liuxiang Noodles are a more typical kind of noodles, which will give you a real bang for your buck. They are served in a big bowl, mixed with some potato, carrot, cauliflower, cabbage, and the tastiest beef you can imagine in it. The restaurant’s famous flavor is not limited to the noodles, however. Various condiments are available to add to the mix, such as vinegar, soy sauce, pepper oil, and more. The noodles themselves are firmer than other noodles, but go down very easily, especially when chased with an Ice Peak or a bowl of noodle soup.

The restaurant has more than twenty tables, and each sits roughly four people. If you go there during the lunch or dinner rush, expect to wait 20 minutes or more—but don’t get discouraged, it will be worth it. Liuxiang Noodles are the only thing on the menu, so you’d better be hungry for some noodles, but if you’re downtown and looking for a local, starchy delight, you’d be hard pressed to find something better.

Cost: Big bowl, 15 RMB; Small bowl, 13 RMB; Add vegetables/noodles, 2 RMB; Add beef, 8 RMB.
Address: JiQing Alley, Anban Street, Dongdajie, Bell Tower.

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