Harbour Buffet 汉来海港餐厅

Article By Giulia and Sasha

I magine a cold rainy evening in Xi’an. Imagine getting stuck in a traffi c jam for nearly two hours. Imagine being hungry and, frankly, a little bit pissed. Imagine climbing up the escalators of this brand new shiny shopping mall with very little
expectations and fi nding yourself in Food Heaven!

We are not joking: Harbour Buffet has literally every kind of food you can think of. Buffets in China can be tricky, but this one won’t leave you hungry: sushi, sashimi, Chinese dishes, salad, pasta, pizza, hot pot, teppanyaki, BBQ, and oh dude, the desserts! The décor is perfect; the room is awash in dark colors and spacious, offering no distractions from the food.

After we were seated in a comfortable both, we decided it was time to go for a hunt. Happy like two little girls on a Christmas Day, we went to different sections: while Sasha, the Meat Lover, rushed to the western food/grill stand, I strolled around the Sushi/sashimi/seafood. We met back at the table with a plate fi lled of Japanese delicacies, some western style starters and a grilled rib eye steak covered in mixed mushroom sauce. The steak was cooked medium, seasoned in black pepper, juicy and red, the mushroom sauce complemented the tenderness of the meat, and don’t forget about the mustard! It was everything you need for a good winter meal. The seafood was incredibly fresh and the variety of sushi and sashimi available is just amazing! We devoured everything together with some freshly squeezed apple carrot juice and draft beer. The drinks stand includes a selection of juices, smoothies, coffee, draft beer and sodas. After the first round, I decided to try the pizza, and I have to say, although not perfect, its thin crust was a nice change from the American style pizza otherwise famous in Xi’an.

The dessert stand is what I appreciated the most, since my craving for sweets isn’t easily satisfi ed in Xi’an. We recommend the cheesecake, the tiramisu, and the ice cream! You can decorate your dessert with a variety of sauces and chocolate chips, and wash it down with some dark coffee. We were ready for a food coma!

Harbour Buffet serves food every day from 11:30 to 2:30 pm and from 5:30 to 9:00 pm. On weekends a late lunch (2:30 – 4:30) is also available. The staff speaks good English. The prices might seem kinda high, but for the high quality and incredible variety of food available, it is totally worth the trip. This would be a great place to treat your Chinese in-laws, to impress a new foodie girlfriend, or just to heal your hangover body with a feast of fl avors. It is always impossible to eat everything in a buffet meal, so we’ll make sure to come back for more.

6F, Han Shen Shopping Mall, No.168, Feng Cheng 8 Road
( 经济技术开发区凤城八路168号汉神购物广场6F)
029-6360 2868
11:30am – 2:30pm (Lunch)
2:30pm – 4:30pm (Afternoon-weekend)
5:30pm – 9:00pm (Dinner)

Average Price per Person : /人均消费 198- 238 RMB


Kinda far. Make sure you come on time and hungry

Giulia and Sasha are two of the baddest bitches in Xi’an who like good food, strong drinks, and their men to be like tissuesstrong and disposable. You can reach them at reviews@xianease.com

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