Lancer Bar

Article By Hector & Giulia

04A, B1, Song Yuan, West of Huang Cheng South Road, Outside South Road
029-8541 6830
132-2777-3739  158-2905-3875
7:00pm – 3:00am

03-1When I arrived in Xi’an back in 2009, there were not so many bars where foreigners used to go, or at least where I used to go. I have never been a fan of Bar Street or big clubs, so for me at the time the choice was easy: Park Qin. Nowadays we see new bars coming out like mushrooms all over the city, and it became almost impossible to stick to one bar when it came to organizing our nights out. But what a surprise to see Kevin, my favorite Park Qin waiter, as the owner of this brand new bar just outside South Gate!

Despite the underground location of the new “bar street” of Xi’an, just outside the Yongningmen park, Lancer Bar wasn’t too hard to find. Located right in front of Kuni Blue Bar, Lancer has its own feeling and different kind of atmosphere that will pique your curiosity.

How different? Well, it’s impossible not to notice the two live baby sharks in a huge tank under the bar/counter. No joke! It will definitely keep you staring for your first 10 minutes of your time as you arrive. After snapping out of it, we were accommodated in one comfy booth on the side of the very nicely illuminated space right in front of the stage.

Kevin, the owner of Lancer Bar, stopped by to welcome us and give the full 411 on what his new project is all about. As we mentioned before, Kevin used to work in Park Qin for almost 8 years, and he’s trying to recreate in Lancer the same feeling of his previous workplace: a spot where Chinese and foreigners can hang out without having to smell each other’s armpits and stomp on each other’s feet. Lancer is quite spacious; the music suits the dark, comfortable environment, which means you won’t leave with a ring in your ears. But fear not, this isn’t a sit and chat kind of place: there is plenty of entertainment for all tastes, which includes modern dancers and a live house band.

03-2Let’s cut to the chase and talk booze. The beer selection isn’t huge but it includes some of the most popular imported beers for a reasonable price; there are six cocktails with English names on the board and many more on their Chinese menu, which could be a bit of a challenge for foreigners since they only have this menu and waiters are not fluent in English, but then again Kevin is always around and more than willing to sort you out. If you’re confident with your Chinese and craving a specially mixed cocktail, the bartender is a seasoned and educated professional cocktail-mixer that can mix anything in your wildest dreams. For all of you non-drinkers, a big selection of imported soft drinks is available.

It’s never easy to drag yourself out in winter so we’re all anxiously waiting for spring to come, and the Xi’an party spirit will definitely spring up for Lancer in the nest season , when outside tables and a future restaurant partnership will bring this newborn bar to the next level.