April Horoscope

Article by Alexandra

Oh, Springtime! The air smells like hope and it seems like everything is possible. Well, you’re absolutely right! April promises to be an interesting month with some ups and downs. In the last article I focused mostly on lunar phases, this time let’s look at the bigger picture and include a hot couple: Venus, Mars and a, friend of business and education, Mercury in our reading.

On April 5th, Venus travels to Aries and creates a harmonious aspect with Mars; that makes April a perfect month to use your creative potential in your work. It’s also a good period for partners (in crime or in bed); your relationship is flourishing and it feels like there should be fireworks every night to celebrate.

On April 6th, Mercury travels to Taurus, which motivates us to use our heads when dealing with such a big amount of energy and act more confidently.

During the New Moon (April 7, Moon in Aries), be ready to make decisions fast, get rid of doubts and deal with things that you were putting off. Be calm and remember to use your head these days, and not get sucked into drama. It’s a good time to start new projects, go on business trips and just travel. You have time until the 12th.

After April 17, Mars moves in retrograde, decreasing our will to work, and it will seem impossible to get motivated. In general, the second half of the month will seem tough and difficult situations may occur, but trust your wits; Mercury is still in Taurus, and that helps in finding solutions.

During the Full Moon (April 22, Moon in Scorpio), it smells like gun powder! Today you just want to break stuff, destroy and smash. So in order to avoid jail, channel all of that destructive energy into getting rid of something you really have no use for: it can be a pile of old clothes, or letting go of a bad habit or something even more therapeutic like forgiving someone.

On April 28th, Mercury moves in retrograde. That slows down business, all kinds of income and makes it harder to keep the guanxi-like connections. Be patient, it’s important to realize that the universe won’t give us difficulties that we can’t overcome; use the positive energy from the beginning of the month wisely, that time is precious. Destructive energy during the last week of April better be channeled into destroying something you don’t need.

Finally, I want to wish a Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating this month. People born with the Sun in Aries are fast to act! You are either a friend or an enemy to an Aries. First, they do and think about it later…maybe. These people have energy of fire in them! Aries came here to set the course, to make a decision, to begin! To feel more comfortable in everyday life, it’s wise for Aries to try to distance themselves emotionally from the situation before reacting, take a pause and look at it from a different point of view.

Just for fun, let’s imagine a zombie apocalypse…where would we most likely to find Aries? At the very first hours of a breakout, Aries already obtained a shotgun and is positioned on the City Walls, killing those zombies one by one from higher ground. If your group of survivors finds a lone Aries, put him in a group with other fighters and make sure to challenge them with an impossible mission! You will be happy with the outcome and the group won’t get bored in the process, it’s a win-win. It’s hard to find a more loyal friend than Aries, they are fearless and fair hotheads.

I wish you all a good month, may the adventurous stars be in our favor!

Alexandra is Xi’an’s most mystifying mystic and seeks to help you understand the stars and yourself.