Well Will Restaurant 万万西餐厅

Article By Sasha and Giulia

Southwest of the intersection of Yuanmen Alley and Nanyuanmen
029-8737 5277
12:00pm – Midnight

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 100-150 RMB

PROS: Location, prices, taste and atmosphere

CONS: Not enough room in our stomachs!


The day we went to Well Will on Fenxiang was one of those you-really-need-sunglasses kind of days: a warm, sunny and full-of-potential Sunday afternoon. We enjoyed the short walk from DeFuXiang to the restaurant, which is located just two alleys west from there, and we had a little laugh about how convenient it would be to first have a nice dinner and then go crazy in Bar Street.

Well Will is spacious restaurant with a classy décor, but nothing that would make you feel like you have to wear your high heels and keep your posture. There are tables of all sizes, and the room is so well organized that you won’t be bothered by the loud chatter of other customers. Two semi-private rooms and one romantic corner table are also available, depending on the occasion.

We went up to the second floor, where, to fully enjoy the sunshine, we chose a table by the big window, with a view of a quiet garden. After noticing all the wine bottles used as decoration, we received the menus and the smile on our faces could not have been wider: one of the owners is a wine connoisseur and the selection was excellent (and cheaper than Metro Supermarket even)!

So let’s cut to the chase and tell you what we ordered. We had grilled vegetables with mustard oil vinegar, tuna tapas and a garden salad with a simple Italian dressing; for the main course, Sasha chose a plate of baked penne pasta with bolognese sauce, while I opted for a salmon steak. We were also implored to try the special summer menu deal. Apparently, for only 68 RMB, you can have a huge plate of the perfect surf-n-turf combination: Australian steak with grilled prawns served with sides of potato wedges, salad, grilled vegetables and corn, what a delight! The steak was cooked medium-rare, and it is definitely a must try in this restaurant. You won’t be disappointed! My salmon came with a side of fresh salad, and the caramelized orange sauce added an interesting flavor without overpowering the other tastes. As a bitchy Italian woman, I’m usually skeptical about Italian food abroad, but I have to say that Sasha’s pasta dish tasted exactly like it is supposed to taste. Enough said. All dishes are beautifully presented, and we particularly liked the fine tableware and glasses that matched the shape of the lamps.

We enjoyed our leisurely meal at Well Will, and appreciated the fresh flavor of the food, some really good French Wine, and some conversation about our common passion for wine, the nectar of the gods, and cuisine from different countries. But hey, there isn’t only wine available at Well Will: the drink menu actually includes an impressive selection of imported beers as well as cocktails, freshly squeezed juices, milkshakes, tea and coffee. The food menu varies according to the season, so make sure you ask for specials, the staff would be more than happy to be at your service. Amazingly tasting food for reasonable prices and a great atmosphere, that’s how we would characterize Well Will restaurant.

Giulia and Sasha are two fancy girls who manage to live champagne lives on a beer budget. They can be reached at reviews@xianease.com

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  1. A group of us went to Well Will for a friend’s birthday and we couldn’t have had a better time. ll the food was exceptional and well priced. The staff was friendly and the atmosphere was comfortable. I liked it so much I’m having my birthday dinner here as well. It can be a bit tricky to find but well worth it!

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