OMG! What Do I Wear?!

Article by Rahel Kaaya

When we think fashion and style, we think, “Oh god. Money, money, money. Which I do not have.” But fashion and style isn’t too complicated if you know exactly what you want, and invest in the right pieces. I’m here to help, especially if you have found yourself in the following situations:

-There’s a party, you look at your outfits, but you’re missing that something that will bring it all together.
-You shop most of the time, but in the end you don’t find anything good.

So this is my list of the things you need that will always keep you looking fresh and ready to rock the day, and look super stylish while you’re at it. Just remember, the following list is not written in stone, so you can switch it up a little, depending on your own personal style.

A good BAG

I’ve heard it said that a lady’s style and grace is measured by the bag she carries. You don’t need to break the bank to ensure that the bag you carry is nice, but you absolutely must invest in a good bag. Find a bag that is multipurpose, meaning you can carry it to a party if you don’t have a clutch, you can carry it to class if you don’t have a back pack and you can carry it to just run errands. This is a must have.


This might seem odd, but trust me, you need one of these in your closet. Sometimes we just have really bad hair days, and there really is nothing we can do to fix it, as time is not our friend. A hat will always come in handy and save the day. Whether you are a snapback kind of girl or you opt for the other chic kinds, it doesn’t matter. What you need is a hat.

This is super important! When I say “accessories,” that includes, earrings, chains, rings (not a must), a belt (very important), bangles, shades, and things like that. Accessories make the whole outfit pop and gives it some class. You can get accessories all around China. Invest in a few good ones. You won’t  regret it.


There are blazers, bomber jackets, and leather jackets. Depending on your style, any of the three should work out just fine, but, being honest, you might need all of them; I know I do. But here’s the secret; you don’t need to buy everything at the same time. All you need is to know which you want first. The rest works out on its own. Bomber jackets especially are super trendy right now and come in so many colors, so all you gotta do is pick.

A good pair of SNEAKERS

You need to have these in your closet because they always give a cool casual look if you and also for those sporty days when you need to go for a jog, (can’t do that in heels, oh heck no!) so invest in a good pair of sneakers.

So there you have it! If you’re just getting started on renewing your closet and you realize you don’t know where to start, maybe the above list will kind of give you a kick start on where to begin. One thing I would advise: don’t buy things on a whim, think about whether or not you really need the particular item you want to purchase; invest in a few solid pieces and you will realize you have so many ways to wear the few clothes you have while maintaining a super chic look. Have fun being creative with all the pieces I mentioned, and happy shopping!


You’ve gotta have a good pair of heels, but don’t forget to have something more comfortable like a pair of flats. Good flats will go with almost anything, even that comfortable yet classy black dress you should have hanging in your closet.