JUNE Horoscope

Article by Alexandra

Anew month is upon us and it’s time to see what stars have prepared for us. The second half of May might have been emotionally difficult, and I’m sorry to tell you that beginning of June is still full of heavy energy. Better not to start any new projects or negotiations; be especially careful if you have to involve police or go to court or are about to file a law suit.

Due to negative aspects of Saturn this month, June might bring unexpected outcomes. It might feel like rules are stacked against you; you might feel pressured and disciplined. Business also could suffer from inspections and police checks, so try not to make big decisions now. Wait a little if possible, as the results might not leave you satisfied. Overall, in the beginning of June it’s better to be lazy and avoid making important decisions, and for sure do not try to look for easy ways out, as you won’t have much luck on this path. If you follow the rules and go with the flow you will most likely enjoy the first part of June. The second half of the month will bring us wisdom to deal with problems and such. Have faith and patience.

Neptune is in Pieces, meaning that emotional people are in for a ride. You might experience feelings that you haven’t felt in awhile. Especially in the first 12 days of June, we might have an impulse to act first and think later. Hotheads and people who call themselves “sassy”: be especially careful while talking with people you care about. Try not to hurt their feelings, it is an emotionally unstable time, and you can’t predict reaction of others. Our ego is asking for a lot of attention, we want to feel important. In this sensitive time, I advise you to channel this energy into work or career. If you are in love, it’s a great time to express your feelings, just remember to be honest. It’s crucial now, the truth will be revealed! Ambitious people might feel the urge to change something drastically; sentimental souls might experience slight depression but somewhere deep inside the feeling of “it’s all gonna be fine” will be getting stronger.

In mid-June, Venus travels to Cancer, which will finally bring us some emotional relief and possibly some gratitude from the work place, but only if you have been working hard and followed the rules and procedures. Creative people that are feeling inspired and thinking outside of the box will have great results in the future. The middle of June is a great time to start a family, if you are trying. Overall, in the middle of the month we might feel the urge to feel more connected to our family. It’s a good time to apologize for some mistakes you may have made. People are feeling generous, many things can be forgiven. It’s also a good time to make money! You also might meet or hear from people you have lost connection with.

The last ten days of June are promising to be calm and quite balanced, energy-wise. The sun will soon travel to Cancer, one of the most secretive and so called “hidden” horoscope signs. If arguments do happen, they will be resolved in 2-3 days. You might notice people being extra generous, like your friends doing some charity work or you might find yourself volunteering somewhere. Fill yourself with that good living energy, the universe is giving you a chance to recharge! I also recommend doing yoga or other kinds of esoteric practice. Find the source of your psychological energy, because like our physical body needs nutritions to function, so does our soul. At the end of the month, our intuition is strong. Some troubles that may appear at the beginning of the month, but might be easily resolved at the end, if you just listen to what your “gut” is telling you.

And now, let’s wish a happy birthday to all who were born in June, beautiful Gemini: element air, planet Mercury. Gemini are all about communication and sharing information. They will know the weirdest details of a historical event. They don’t work hard, but they have the knowledge of how things are done and it’s enough for them. Gemini came here to teach us how to talk to one another. They might not have their own opinion about this or that, but that’s because they have no space to keep opinions; their heads are just full of facts! They are the most brilliant students and usually the heart of the party.

If zombies come, as I said last time, Gemini is with Taurus on a date, but once they see that the world is coming to a end, Gemini will find all of his/her friends and will be fighting the urge to get inside of a TV tower. Because from over there they will most likely still be able to communicate with the rest of the world! They will be the first people you hear on the radio, trying to put groups of survivors together. Later on they will start doing the first trades between survivors. Gemini should never work in intelligence; they will make horrible spies and even worse ninjas. But if you are throwing an “end of the world” party, make sure to mention it to a Gemini, trust me, they will tell everyone in probably 5 different languages, but even that can’t promise you people showing up.

Be safe this month and always, don’t forget to keep a positive mind and see you next month!

Alexandra is Xi’an’s most mystifying mystic and seeks to help you understand the stars and yourself.