July Horoscope

Article by Alexandra

The Sun is in Cancer and burning everything around Xi’an but is bringing us all some emotional relief as the month starts. July might be remembered as the time of fun holidays and adventurous activities. Energy coming from the Sun and Neptune makes us dreamy, and our intuition is spiking. This can be a very productive and successful time for writers, teachers and social workers.

The new moon on July 4thmakes us all emotionally immature. Both the Moon and Sun are in Cancer, a very sensitive sign, so it’s easy to offend or get offended. Better to spend these couple of days with your loved ones and people you enjoy. Thanks to Venus and Mars, July 6th and 7th are good for negotiations, signing contracts, making new business partners and, of course, romantic dates. With the Moon traveling to Virgo on July 9th and creating positive aspects with Jupiter, we are feeling optimistic, charitable and respectful towards each other. Although this energy affects Earth signs stronger, it is still a great time to clean up your karma. Be humble and help someone in need.

We will experience very different vibes after Venus and Mercury travel to Leo on July 12th. We want attention! Partners expect big romantic gestures from each other; we tend to express our feeling almost theatrically. Dramatic times! You might find yourself gossiping with coworkers in order to gain their respect and be the center of attention. Be careful with big purchases, as there is a high risk of wasting money. Better visit an art gallery. The Full Moon on July 18th is in Capricorn. It’s a “cold” sign for the emotional Moon but energy is lightened up by the positive aspects created between Sun, Moon and Mars in Scorpio. It’s a very productive time, and it would be great to move the most difficult tasks of the month to these days.

On July 23rd the Sun sits back on the throne in the sky and travels to Leo. We are feeling generous with the manner of Kings and Queens of the universe. Even shy people feel confident enough to charm a bunch of strangers; we are all hungry for recognition. At the same time this energy makes us cocky and blinds us. We may not notice trouble coming, or the harmful actions of enemies. At the end of July, Saturn starts projecting some heavy energy. It will affect us globally for a month; accidents accrued at this time may lead to catastrophic outcomes. Be extra careful on the roads and when traveling abroad, do not look for “shortcuts” and stay positive.

And happy birthday to everyone born in July! A person born this month is the star sign Cancer and usually has a small group of people they care about and is ready to do anything for them. Family is very important to this sign. There are two types of Cancer: the ones who never leave home, and the ones that make any place they go to their “home”. It is the most sensitive sign; they can feel the mood of people around them and usually they have strong intuition. This sensitivity makes them the best parents, but at the same time they are people who are easily offended. A not so friendly look or a harsh phrase thrown at them in the heat of the argument may forever delete you from the small circle of people that Cancer cares about. They don’t forgive fast, creating walls and hiding inside their shells to protect that sensitive spirit of theirs. If you get lucky and become close with a Cancer, be certain that you’ll be swimming in their attention and care.

In a zombie apocalypse scenario, a secretive Cancer at the very early stages of an outbreak will have already occupied the biggest grocery store. They have already collected the batteries from all the little shops around, buried a few cans of beans for the darker times and tied a bandana on his/her head to look the part of a badass. They will join a group of survivors but will keep their distance until they are certain they can trust people in the group. The best job a group leader can give a Cancer is to take control over food supplies and working with children.

That’s it for this month, I wish for us all to be in balance and always keep a positive mind!