Language is important, and so is where you learn it!

For many people, learning a language is one of the most daunting challenges of adult life. You see, learning language requires time, but even more so, it requires a person to make a fool of themselves, to make mistakes. One of the reasons children do so well to learn anything is that they don’t care whether or not they make a mistake, they have no concept of shame or reward to deter them or spur them on. If a baby gave up trying to walk after falling his first time, the world would be full of grown adults crawling on their knees.

Those living in a country other than their own will quickly tell you that know the local language is of incredible value. It not only allows you to navigate daily life without having to rely on the help of others, but knowing a language also gives a person a glimpse into the mind and the culture of the people amongst whom they live. Those same people will also tell you that despite their local friends’ willingness to assume the teacher role, learning a language is difficult.

Which is where Faithful Language School comes in.

Before I began studying at Faithful Language School I had already lived in China for 2 years. Surrounded by students and friends, I had many people willing to teach me Mandarin. However, the majority of them had no idea how to teach, which left me with an extremely limited, broken experience with Chinese. After having lived in China for these two years without knowing the basics of the language, I decided to study the language with the hope of getting to know the Chinese people that were in my life better.11-1

And so I enrolled in Faithful Language School. Walking into the school on my first day was certainly memorable for me. Typically, a first day of anything is a nerve-wracking, anxiety inducing experience. But in Faithful I was immediately put at ease and treated like I was an old friend. The atmosphere of the school is created by the incredibly loving and hard-working staff that have been hired by the school. Whereas a one-on-one classroom experience can often be a tense environment for the student, Faithful’s teachers do a wonderful job of adapting to the student’s needs and learning styles, working incredibly hard to create lesson plans tailored to the focus of the learner.

As someone who has studied language before, my experience at Faithful has honestly been unparalled. In fact, the quality is so good that I make a commute from the other side of the city, a whole hour away, just to study there. I am exceptionally happy with my choice to attend Faithful, as the language skills I have learned have already served me well!