AUGUST Horoscope

Article by Alexandra

The hottest month of the year is behind us, but the universe cares very little about the calendar. The planets have prepared some serious ‘heat’ for us, so August promises to be another interesting month.

In the beginning, energy-wise it’s gonna feel like spring. New Moon in Leo on August 2nd makes us eager for attention, so if you are looking to fall in love, this is the time. Feeling inspired, creatively and romantically, we shine, we love, we conquer.

Venus travels to Virgo on August 6th, making smart sexy, so get some new interesting facts and go flirt! Enjoy each other in the now, without big expectations. That Shakespeare love happens only when you are ready. Those people who have found their partners already, try something new this month. It’s a passionate time so it’s better to direct this energy into surprising your loved one and experiment.

Mars and Venus in Sagittarius create not-so-sweet aspects on August 7th, making us jealous and ready for a fight. To keep peace in a relationship, remodel your place, move some furniture around, bring something new to your life. Moon travels to Scorpio on August 9th and stays there until 11th, emotionally explosive couple of days. We want to point out the imperfections in people around us, very easy to start judging others. The more we criticize, the further we push people away and hurt them. It’d be much wiser to direct this energy into making money! Or meditation. A lot of it.

For those planning to cut your hair this month, cut it before the 18th if you’re growing it out. Full Moon on August 18th in Sagittarius is making us chatty and open to new ideas. Sun travels to Virgo on August 23rd, making us more careful with details, we want to help others. Some of us might feel the need to do arts and crafts, or to clean. We are paying more attention to our health. Mars in conjunction with Saturn makes it hard to work.

In the second half of August, it’s very important to keep in mind that the energy coming upon us is very ‘restrictive’, if we are talking about the ambience at the work place, the boss is always right. That’s your mantra for these couple of weeks. Follow instructions very carefully to avoid complications. If you have employees, soften up a bit, nobody wants to be known as a ‘mean boss’, and people make less mistakes if they are not stressed.

And now I have to remind you about Saturn, which traveled in July to the so-called “Orbit of Catastrophes,” created by the opposition of two big planets, Aldebaran and Antares. It’s a difficult time, accidents that happen on these kinds of aspects usually have a lasting negative effect. For example: Chernobyl nuclear power plant tragedy happened with similar aspects that we have now. This heavy energy is upon us until first decade of September. Kabbalah calls August one of the three ”mean” months of the year, so this month is indeed interesting. I wish you all to be safe, let’s think positive and hope for the best. My advice would be to avoid taking a flight or going for a swim on August 25th. Try not to make big purchases or negotiations until the end of September; if you own a business, get ready for the ‘slow’ days. However, earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) are gonna start feeling lucky and in the center of attention after August 28th. The stars favor you, be brave and get out of your comfort zone—Jupiter in conjunction with Venus in Virgo are here to help.

And now, let’s wish a Happy Birthday to all celebrating it this month. Sun in Leo! Kings and queens by definition: this sign’s planet is the Sun and it’s already in its constellation, making you especially lucky and not that easy to outshine. Lots of energy; element–fire. If Aries represents a spark, an idea, Leo is a blaze, attracting all the living around you, inspiring them. Loyalty and honesty are very important to a Leo. These very creative people have a big personality and like to be the center of attention. If zombies come, guess who is gonna be the brave leader of the survivors? Of course a Leo! Since the very first minutes of the outbreak, Leo is not alone. Like a magnet, attracting people in need, Leo would provide safety to these people, becoming their king or queen. Leo, feeling responsible for the people around them, would make a plan of action, find the best spot to settle, start going on supply hunts, and create a little empire! This group of survivors would never get depressed or bored; smart Leo would provide entertainment suitable for that group. Usually they are people with an excellent sense of humor, but be very careful! Do not make fun of them; they can joke about you, but if you dare to make fun of the king or the queen, all you’d get is a conservative little smile and next day not even a ”Hello.” Leo doesn’t hold grudges for too long, it’s not in the royal manners, but once you’re out of the close circle of people, you’d be considered an unlucky fool and forever out.

This is it for August. Love yourselves and remember: what we project from the inside is what what we get from the outside. Please be safe and be in balance.

Alexandra is Xi’an’s most mystifying mystic and seeks to help you understand the stars and yourself.