October Horoscope

Article by Alexandra

The past two months have been a bit shaky for a few of us, but I’m here with good news: the season of eclipses finished on September 16thand October is looking to be a dynamic month! It will be filled with ups and downs but, if you’re looking for a change, it all depends on you!

The melancholy that is so typical of Autumn can be easily avoided if we take advantage of that strong energy coming from Mars, so recharge your “batteries” and try to spend the holidays active and outdoors. Where your attention is, that’s where the “work” is happening, so it might be wise to make a plan and follow through with it. It’s important to set up priorities, otherwise the sometimes-destructive Mars energy can spiral out of control and damage the parts of your life that you would like to leave as they were.

We begin October with the New Moon on the first, and the long holiday will give us a chance to think about what we want to achieve this month and make a schedule. As days go by, the level of living energy is rising, intuition’s getting stronger. The moon will be our second “little helper” in October (after Mars). Spending time with friends and people you enjoy can bring you a surprising discovery about yourself, so go out, party and fill these days with positive energy. Yoga sessions should be very productive!

The full moon on the 16th brings us ambitions and wakes the egoistic feelings in us. Especially at the work place! Beware that people around you want to achieve their goals as much as you do, they will compete with you. Saturn’s energy is strong and it might get you in a difficult situation. My advice: follow the rules; follow the schedule; avoid conflicts with colleagues and higher management. Arguments that happen in this period of time will have a lasting effect. But Jupiter in Libra is helping all hardworking people, bringing them luck. After the 18th, with Venus travelling to Sagittarius, all the spiritual practices will be very successful, making it a great time to work on your issues or just to say good-bye to the damaging habits. To avoid conflicts with your loved ones, it would be wise to plan a romantic trip together or do a fun new activity.

At the end of the month we might feel like detectives who need to solve some mysteries, all thanks to Sun traveling to Scorpio. Again, we see all the issues in others, not noticing our own. I would advise you to avoid big crowded places, try not to plan important negotiations (Especially on the 23rd) and don’t rush when making decisions.

To sum it all up, October should be interesting and eventful. Two opposite planets are helping us – Mars and the moon (yes, we consider the moon a planet in astrology) – fire and water, actions and emotions. Lots of positive aspects, so enjoy these beautiful times!

I’d like to wish a very happy birthday to people celebrating this month. The sun is in Libra! Element – Air, planet –Venus. It is one of the most fair, honest and “balanced” signs. They came here to bring us etiquette and set our moral compass. The element air makes them great communicators. They usually enjoy a lavish lifestyle, and upgrading their social status plays an important part in their lives. In a zombie apocalypse, Libra will show that you can’t fool them. Not so trusting, they will start checking people for bite marks and be mostly suspicious of Scorpios. As time goes by, Libra will be the first to bring up that the new society needs some kind of government and will most likely work on setting that up.

That’s it for this month, hope you found this article helpful and I want to wish you confidence. You can deal with what today or tomorrow brings when you stay honest.