Bobo Beer & Bar

Article By Michael Gruendner

No.34, Fu Xue Xiang, Beilin District
7:00pm – 0:30am

Average Price per Person /人均消费:45RMB

PROS:Quiet, warm, and close to South Gate

CONS:No English staff or menu, small beer selection

When one spends their nights around South Gate, they tend to gravitate towards the westerly portions of that area—for example, your parks Qin and your walls near. I think it’s about time to check out what’s happening on the other side of that beautiful gate, because a few hundred meters east of South Gate, along that other street full of bars, is a cozy new den you might want to poke your nose into.

Bobo Bar, despite the clownish vibe its name gives off when read in English, is warm and inviting with a small bar at the front flanked by simple modern art and comfortable couches. A projector shows clips of whatever interests the bartender that night, and a dart board is unobtrusively tucked into an inlet in the back, giving this little bar a big presence. I was reminded of lounge bars back in the States when I was hit with a sudden, but not unwelcome, pang of comfort. The staff were responsive but laid back, meaning that they weren’t hovering over me, which allowed me to enjoy a game of darts and conversation without having to yell over music or shoo away any overeager-to-please servers.

36While their beer selection wasn’t overly impressive, they had what you’d need to get through a night, whether that be on a budget (15RMB for a Tsingtao) or splurging on imported beers (around 40RMB a bottle). They even have a light beer on tap and a decent amount of liquor behind the bar. But, without any English-speaking staff you might have to break out your alcoholic chinese to get anything other than beer.

I went into Bobo Bar planning to spend a few minutes feeling it out and enjoying a drink before moving on after my long day at work, but the relaxed atmosphere and comfortable couches had me sipping on my beer and enjoying company more than watching the clock. Before I had realized it, my friend and I had been lazing about for just over an hour. As they’ve already got their heating on, it was a wonderful spot to enjoy a beer away from the cold.


37Its proximity to South Gate, coupled with the fact that I can just chill in a warm spot without much intrusion, shoots this place to the top of my places-to-relax-after-work list. If you happen to pop in there on a weekday, you might just find me enjoying some quiet time with a beer.

Michael is an Energizer bunny FOMO-ing at the mouth. He can be reached at