Winters in the city can be a little…I think dire is the word? Our hopes for a winter wonderland are consistently dashed by weather more befitting a Mad Max sequel. If you’re one of the many who has deigned to spend the cold, dreary winter in Xi’an, not all is lost. You can still capture a little bit of that snowy magic to make the days go by a little faster, and even find some new and interesting things to fill your time. If you can brave the outdoors for a short commute to these five places, that is.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just lacing up for the first time, there’s nothing quite like being on a pair of skates. In the absence of thoroughly frozen lakes and ponds we must settle for rinks, but that’s probably for the best around these parts. It’s also a great activity for a date—it forces you to do something together, it discourages the use of cell phones and, if one or both of you isn’t too skilled, there’s potential to make some sweet memories of falling over and using one another for support. You should be warned though: anyone who cut their teeth on hockey blades might have trouble adjusting to figure skates, which are the only kind you can rent


XIYO Ice Skating 喜悦滑冰场
Address: B1F, Tai Ao Suken Plaza, 252#, Feng He Rd
Open Hours: 10:00am-9:00pm
Tel: 156-9175-5585

Shi Ji Xing 世纪星
Address: 6#, Min Sheng Shopping Mall, Dong Da Jie Luo Ma Shi
Open Hours: 10:00am-9:00pm
Tel: (029)8765 6766


Zhao Jin Skiing @Tong Chuan 照金滑雪场
Address: Zhaoji Zhen, Tong Chuan city
Open Hours: 8:00am-11:00pm
Tel: (0919) 6927 333
Transport: Take bus at North Bus Station go to Tongchuan Zhaojin.

Bai Lu Yuan Skiing 白鹿原滑雪场
Address: 86#, Shui an Rd, Di Zhai Jie.
( Next to Xi’an Aviation Tourism College)
Open Hours: 8:00am-11:00pm
Tel: 400-029-7878


Baby, it’s cold outside. It’s been cold for a while, it will continue to be cold for a while, and no matter what winter gear you’ve got, some days it’s nigh impossible to get that chill out of your bones. Xi’an’s abundant hot springs may be the solution for such unpleasantness. What could be better to warm the body and soul than a dip in a natural hot tub?

Angsana Xi’an Lintong
Address: No.8 East Yuechun Road, Lintong District
Open Hours: 24 hours
Tel: (029) 8387 8888

Shaanxi Tangyu Convention Centre HotSpring 陕西汤峪会议中心温泉
Address: 3#, Wen Quan Da Dao, Lan tian
Open Hours: 8:00am-11:00pm
Tel: (029) 8283 8811


Now, I know what you’re thinking right now: you probably wouldn’t do this in the summer, let alone in the winter. But you know why you wouldn’t do it in the summer? Because you’re pressed against a million other people in the sweltering heat. In the winter, tourists will be fewer, and though the cold might be a bit of a bother, your prime goal should be to get inside as fast as possible to rediscover some of Xi’an’s culinary delights. If there’s any time to eat the rib-sticking, meat-and-bread smorgasbord that is yangroupaomo(羊肉泡馍), it would be now.


Even if the weather wasn’t less than awesome, the Fog of Progress™ would put a damper on any outdoor plans a person might have, much to the disappointment of the approximately 3% of us who do more with their time than work, drink and talk about Game of Thrones even when Game of Thrones isn’t on (non-scientific poll). Whether you’re a swimmer, or a basketball player, or just need some sports in your life to get your endorphins pumping and buoying your mood for the winter, there are places where you can still get that stuff done.

City Sports Park
Address: 168 Wei Yang Lu (未央路168号)
Open Hours: 8:00am-10:00pm
Tel: (029) 8640 2898