Coppi’s Japanese Barbecue 佧裴日式烧肉

Article By Linjing Wu

50m South of Zhi Wu Yuan, South of Cui Hua Road,No.17 Cui Hua South Road.
(029) 8966 5777
11:15am – 2:00pm
3:00pm – Midnight

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 168RMB

PROS: Tasty, fresh meat

CONS: Tiramisu that isn’t Tiramisu

During the Spring Festival, I had the time of my life traveling in Hokkaido. That made this review a little more difficult for me. Let me put this way: as a person who just got back from Japan, when I heard that I would have to review a Japanese barbecue restaurant, I wasn’t super thrilled.

That is, until I took my first bite in this place. We tried the Coppi’s in Qujiang and since it’s on the busy Cuihua Street next to a Best Western hotel, you wouldn’t miss it. If you’re thinking that this will be similar to the Xi’an style of barbecue, which involves people sitting everywhere yelling and screaming, cooks billowing stinky smoke into the air (and other unpleasant things if you’re not lucky), you couldn’t be more wrong. I assure you this is completely different and none of those things will happen in this restaurant.

On the inside, Coppi’s is a nice, spacious and well decorated place where you can enjoy your dinner. Unlike other barbecue places, their menu is quite diverse, consisting of sashimi, barbecue meats, appetizers and drinks, so you’d have to really try to have a boring meal in this restaurant. I tried a little bit of everything and I was pleased. The barbecue beef is definitely the top one I recommend, I promise you it’s so tender and juicy. Remember: don’t roast it too long, it will get hard (that’s what she said). If you’re a big fan of shrimp, like I am, the barbecue shrimp is definitely another highlight. It’s very fresh, and you can taste the sweetness of the shrimp. Also, if you’ve ever been to Japan, try their Miso soup. It’s very authentic, which should bring back some nice old memories.

If I had to pick something that I wasn’t satisfied with about this restaurant, I would probably say their dessert was a bit of disappointment. The Tiramisu cake wasn’t even close. It’s actually a sponge cake with cocoa powder on it. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t taste bad, it’s just not Tiramisu!

If this kind of thing sounds like your jam, there’s also a location in the West Tang Market, which might be more convenient for you than going all the way to Qujiang. I would recommend you guys try this restaurant out when you want to change a style from old, traditional Xi’an BBQ.




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