The Morning After

Article By Jorge Cartaya

#22, Xinghuo Lu, Lianhu District
G park 1F-32
(029) 6569 5601
10:00am – 10:00pm

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 25 – 180 RMB

Depends if you’re just having coffee or going all out

PROS: Everything on the menu is expertly prepared and reasonably priced, and the location is beautiful

CONS: Your favorite dish could be gone after 3 or 4 months, because of the seasonal menu

While “the Morning After” might sound like the title of another one of your many embarrassing diary entries, it’s actually the name of this really cool two floor café and restaurant found in the new G-Park mall (Lao Cheng Gen) on Xing Huo Lu (METEOR ROAD!). This brand new, open air mall is home to a variety of cool-looking restaurants, and if the Morning After is any indication of their quality, then they will all be definitely worth a visit!

I will start with what has to be the best thing ever: BRUNCH MENUS! Yes, they are the best, and yes, they have one. Brunch, if you don’t know, is the sacred and hallowed combination of both breakfast and lunch items in one dish, and will often leave you with a deep sense of satisfaction that defies both time and space! At TMA, you will find several heavenly brunch combinations, such as the 100% Australian Angus sirloin steak, cooked to perfection and minimally spiced to let that real beef flavor do its thing, paired with two eggs benedict in real homemade hollandaise sauce, over a slice of artisanal toast. Their bread is all locally baked and as good as any you could find in Xi’an. Pair it with a fresh green salad in vinaigrette dressing, as well as the lovely presentation and great care taken in preparation, and we have a winner! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

If you’re not in the mood for brunch (you Neanderthal!), you can still check out the pizzas, pastas, quesadillas, sandwiches, steaks, roast chicken, ribs, salads and curry rice dishes. I would definitely recommend that you try the pulled pork sandwich on artisanal rye bread, the chicken Cobb salad with homemade Caesar dressing, or the Puttanesca pasta (spaghetti in seafood and ground beef sauce). I’ve tried them all, and each one is a great meal in its own right. The attention to detail, the healthy and whole foods, the presentation, the juicy tenderness of their meat and poultry dishes, and the overall relaxing feel of the environment and decorations… It will all ensure that you have a wonderful meal, whatever you choose to order, and it will keep you coming back! Their menu is also seasonal, so there will be new things to try every three months!

Not in the mood to eat? Just want a small snack with a nice beverage? They’ve got you covered! They have excellent coffee, Belgian hot chocolate, tea, fresh fruit smoothies and some other interesting drinkables such as the Red Velvet Latte, plus a variety of locally baked pastries, cakes, cookies and breads for your enjoyment. There is absolutely nothing that should keep you from trying this place out, and I know I’ll be heading back there again next week for some more of that beautiful brunch bonanza!




Jorge is a long-time Xi’an expat with an
eye for the finer things in life. He can be reached at