Table for Two Café

Article By Royce

D1, Wang Zuo Xian Dai Cheng,
Ke Ji Wu Lu.
(029) 8831 9699
9:00am – 10:00pm

Average Price per Person /人均消费:40 RMB

PROS: Quiet, high-quality ingredients, sweet decoration

CONS: The location is not easy to find

Icouldn’t say that I’ve been to every single coffee shop here, but at least there are quite a few nice places I can recall. They are so cozy and quiet that sometimes I’m even reluctant to share them with my acquaintances. Among all my secret gardens, Table for Two has been my all-time favorite.

Located slightly off the main road, Table for Two might be a little hard to find for first-time customers. The recommended route is to go along Keji 5th Road and then take the pedestrian path between Block D and Block E of the Van Metropolis (旺座现代城). Next you will be able to find it on your right. It’s on the south side of Block D.

In front of the gate is a little garden with a wooden swing set. The interior is capacious and comfortable. With shelves of books and adorable decorations, it gives off a warm atmosphere. Table for Two is never too crowded. It’s a good place to read, have coffee or chat with a friend. Or you can just sit there and watch that lazy tawny cat lying in front of the French window enjoying the afternoon sunlight.

I genuinely think that their food presentation is a work of art. I especially like their mocha, which has an intricate chocolate cream pattern drawn on top of its frothed milk. It looks as good as it tastes. For someone who’s not a big fan of overly sweet food, their coffee is just light and smooth enough. Besides coffee, the desserts are also worth a shot. They make really good bread rolls, which are crispy, freshly baked and stuffed with cheese. They also have a kind of sweet and sour dip to go along with it. If you are not very hungry, this dish will make for a wonderful choice for a brunch.

Ada, the owner of the cafe, is a talkative and enthusiastic young lady. She treats coffee the way a connoisseur treats a 19th-century oil painting. Opening her own cafe was once her biggest dream. She also loves to experiment on various desserts and invites us to taste them. It’s funny that I remembered once she declined to charge me money simply because she “didn’t think her cheese cake looked pretty enough.” And before the last Mid-Autumn Festival, she made some cute little mooncakes and offered me one to eat on my way home.

After I first spotted Table for Two by accident, stopping there for a cup of coffee became my evening routine for a while. It’s a sore thing that I’m leaving for college this soon. I’ll probably miss this place next year this time when I’m in New York City eating from the meal plan.

Royce is a foreign student studying in Xi’an. He can be reached at