Made By Mesh: Nachos in a Tumbler

Article by Oomesh Nana


The most challenging part about being a chef is improvising; although this may appear as second-nature to most of us, what is more daunting is the thawing to foreign ingredients and products we’d never deem usable in the dishes we create on home turf.

I’ve been cooking since the age of twelve and have been conjuring recipes ever since. In my maturing years I have taken to writing, so far having produced two recipe books and have been a contributor to local tabloids, newspapers and magazines back in South Africa, as well as also having featured in a few local publications. I am thus honoured to now be a contributor to the Xianease magazine here in China.

Under the blazing eye of a Shaanxi summer, I decided to share a simple snack that I often made back home. Nachos in a glass – a tumbler snack with nachos in the form of a packet of Doritos, spicy Aztec tomato relish and the cool jade clay of avocado, dolloped with a satiny blob of sour cream, spritzed with a zesty zing of lemon and lastly, adorned with a grassy tangle of fresh coriander – simply sublime!

Remember, the kitchen should not be a place to be feared, but rather a playground to create. Food is a celebration of life and life is there to be celebrated! I look forward to celebrating, interacting and sharing with you all, but mostly inspiring and giving you the confidence to cook by treating an ingredient in its truest and simplest form. I would love to hear from you – please send through feedback, suggestions, or help required with any food-related queries to

About Mesh:

“My hands interpret my soul’s craving.” ~ Oomesh Nana

Born with a passion for food, Oomesh, also known as Mesh, is a natural cook, teacher, inspirer and Chef. Mesh was inspired into the world of culinary by family and close friends, and has been playing, cooking, experimenting and creating from the age of 12.

His passion for teaching, sharing and inspiring have led him to become a world-class instructor in the culinary field. A true natural in any kitchen, Mesh enchants people with his simple, easy-to-cook and fuss-free approach to food. A strong believer in good quality, fresh, local ingredients, Mesh is always inspired to try new and creative ways to make food taste WOW – by showcasing the ingredients in their simplest and most basic forms.

Born in East London, South Africa, Mesh has published 2 recipe books and runs cooking classes/demonstrations here in Xi’an.  He is a qualified Chef and Graphic Designer and currently an English language teacher.