A Party with a Purr-pose Xi’an Paws Charity Fundraiser

Article by Liebe Brand  / Photos by 孙新

Mahatma Gandhi said: “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” On Sunday May 7th, 2017, the greatness of Xi’an was expressed by locals and foreigners alike. The result was a collection of beautiful souls who contributed to an amazing function: helping our beloved dog shelters!


2-2The rain did not stop the generosity or the fun as all the booths and animals were carried inside for a snug ambiance within the host bar’s lounge area. Everyone huddled together and shared food, drinks, and music, along with the other market vendors. Animal lovers in Xi’an united for a worthy cause!

A wide range of international food was prepared by caterers especially for the event. Even the dogs had their own special treats—including a three tiered cake with fun doggy biscuits! Judy sold her most famous cupcakes and cakes – arguably the best in town. Miguel and his team, Cesar, Fernanda, Hilda and Itzel, created mouthwatering Mexican dishes, from chilaquiles to frijoles charros, quesadillas (with Judy’s homemade tortillas!), atole and arroz con leche. Nancy and Mariam from Kekan were selling makeup and other items to beautifying the ladies. Shen Dian brought items from his shop, Natural Bridge (神店), and he offered lovely handcrafted leather items.

Along with the veterinarians providing expert advice and nutritional foods for the animals, we also had a grooming station. Some of the dogs really enjoyed being pampered! We were elated to see that owners brought their animals to join this fun gathering. The veterinarians and volunteers were also available for general inquiries about animal care and adoptions of stray animals.


2-4Music filled the air as numerous artists shared their talents at the fundraiser: Dave was a fluent translator for the opening speech made by Christina. She also used her smooth voice to bring a bit of KT Tunstall’s music to life along with Leo and Silas on their guitars. Sebastian Alexander offered to contribute his guitar fluidity on the spot – what a legend! María Fernanda mesmerized us with her rendition of Adele’s “Hello.” We were in awe of her gorgeous voice! Mark and Peter performed their creative number. And finally, No Excuses (a band comprised of David, Jorge, Leo and Bruce) ended the night on a high note with covers we all love!

We also had a fun raffle with 500RMB worth of prizes, including elegant Bluetooth speakers, hip headphones, a travelling kit, chocolate and wine from the US and much more!

We raised roughly 4,000RMB for the stray animals. Some of this money will go towards the 422.907 Shelter, and the rest will be used to aid in the rehabilitation of stray animals in Xi’an that are saved and adopted each day thanks to Xi’an Paws’ official WeChat group!

We are truly blessed with the kindness and care of everyone who supported us. We want to say a big thank you to the people of Xi’an who helped to make this event possible. This was possible only because of your love and generous donations!