Fizzy Bar

Article By Michael Gruendner

1F, 20m West of Shun Cheng Nan Xiang, Zhu Que Gate
2:00pm – 2:00am

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 40RMB

Happy Hour: 14:00 – 17:00

PROS: English menu, variety, central location

CONS: No English-speaking staff, Music is sporadic


You may have been to, or at least seen, Fizzy Bar in the past couple of weeks. Perhaps it’s time to give a second look, because this old bar just inside Zhuque Gate has picked up a few new tricks.  For starters, their funky, neo-retro style—disco balls and checkered patterns give the space a unique vibe. They’ve also revamped and improved their menu and it’s a fair competitor in the sea of bars down on the inside of the south wall.  Open and easily found, this first floor bar is bound to make convenience and flavor a staple.10-1

Their extensive menu can provide you with anything you’ve got a taste for. Their full kitchen and bar provided me with quality food and delicious drinks.  The food menu is extensive and on point: simple bar food if you just want a snack with your drinks, or Hamburgers and Pasta if you’re looking for a bit more food before you start your night.  Their food and snacks are sure to hit any spot you want hit.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “What will this 80s night, complete with delicious food and cocktails, set me back?”  Not much, at least by the standards set by other establishments.  Snacks are around 25RMB each, entrées are about 40RMB and the cocktails are similarly priced.10-2

Now, as with all bar reviews, I have a personal need to delve a little deeper into their alcohol, so let me go into my rant and we’ll all be happy, I’m sure.  They have a short list of designer cocktails and a decent list of beers, ranging from Corona to Stella Artois, so I’m sure even the pickiest drinkers can find something to drink.  Their cocktail list, while small, allowed me to play a game I’ve been playing since I turned 21;  I just order something that just sounds absurdly delicious, or something I’ve not had before when I’m out somewhere new.  I went with a Tiki Time, and this beachy drink absolutely hit the spot on that hot Xi’an evening.10-3




I am glad to say that this reboot of a bar has hit the mark with its food and drinks.  If nothing else has swayed you, I’d say you need to at least go grab a Tiki Time and enjoy some freshness as Xi’an gets hotter.

Mike Gruendner is an Energizer bunny FOMO-ing at the mouth. He can be reached at