Made By Mesh Asparaqus with Aioli

Article by Oomesh Nana

Serves 4
as a starter
(or one greedy appetite)

With asparagus currently in
seasonal abundance, I thought it’d be best to showcase it in this month’s column, and what better way to enjoy it than by cooking it as simply as this?

For the asparagus:

Switch the kettle on.
Wash the asparagus in slightly salted cold water. Place the asparagus into a pot, large enough to house the asparagus. Pour over the hot water from the recently boiled kettle and set the pot on a gentle simmer. Cook until the asparagus is just tender. Drain and cool the asparagus in cold water (tap is fine).
What this does is it locks in the green colour and turns the asparagus into a vibrant, bright jade. Drain the asparagus well and serve with the aiöli.

Food for thought:

Instead of using raw garlic for the aiöli, try oven-roasting a whole head of garlic that has been split in two, anointed with olive oil and seasoned lightly.
Squash the ivory flesh from its papery jackets into the canister and proceed as per recipe.

Note on preparing the asparagus:

Check that the tips of the asparagus are firm and not slimy.
Lightly shave the asparagus bases with a vegetable peeler about midway. Bend the stem of the asparagus in half, holding it nearer to the base. Where it snaps is where the tough fibrous end is.
Stash the bases in a freezer bag for a rainy day cream of asparagus soup.

About Mesh:
“My hands interpret my soul’s craving.” ~ Oomesh Nana

Born with a passion for food, Oomesh, also known as Mesh, is a natural cook, teacher, inspirer and Chef. Mesh was inspired into the world of culinary by family and close friends, and has been playing, cooking, experimenting and creating from the age of 12.

His passion for teaching, sharing and inspiring have led him to become a world-class instructor in the culinary field. A true natural in any kitchen, Mesh enchants people with his simple, easy-to-cook and fuss-free approach to food. A strong believer in good quality, fresh, local ingredients, Mesh is always inspired to try new and creative ways to make food taste WOW – by showcasing the ingredients in their simplest and most basic forms.

Born in East London, South Africa, Mesh has published 2 recipe books and runs cooking classes/demonstrations here in Xi’an.  He is a qualified Chef and Graphic Designer and currently an English language teacher.