Article By Mike Leaner

#322 3F, Zhongda International The City Shopping Mall, Gaoxin Rd and Keji 2nd Rd.
(029) 8889 1356
10:00am – 10:00pm

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 100RMB

PROS: Diverse and delicious menu
CONS: If you’re ravenous, the a la carte style will probably rack up a bit of a bill while you try to feed the beast

The new Zhongda International mall in Gaoxin is a pretty intimidating place for us commoners: it’s nice, for sure, but it’s huge and very, very upscale. It’s great then that Week+ exists, a comfortable respite from the blindingly glitzy environs surrounding it.

This new café can be found on the third floor at the north end of the mall—you can’t miss the serene robin’s egg blue color of its dining area even if you tried. It’s rather open, but the small tables and cozy décor give it an intimate feeling that’s perfect for a date or just for a brunch with a couple of close friends.

Let’s put the brakes on for a second and discuss what I casually dropped in there: this is one of the rare places in town that can serve you some sort of brunch. It leans a little more towards the “br-” part of brunch, evidenced by the fact that about half of that part of the menu can’t be ordered in the afternoon, but the egg sandwich options can be ordered all day.

I didn’t have brunch but I assume it would be tasty, as my late lunch meal was. In keeping with the café theme, most of the food here is on the lighter side; their specialties are salads and snacks. I started with a Caesar salad, replete with croutons, dressing and juicy, well-seasoned white meat chicken. Honestly, I’m not much of a salad guy but this was a great chicken Caesar. I followed it with a serving of steak fries topped with a kind of Bolognese sauce. The sauce was meaty and tasty, the fries were perfectly cooked, balancing out the more ample amounts of potato with crispy texture and salty flavor and completely avoiding what I call “floppy fry syndrome.” It’ll help if you bring your sweet tooth as well—I ended with a raspberry cheesecake that was to die for.

You might want something to wash everything down with, and luckily the drinks are on-point as well. Though I was tempted by the great-looking cups of coffee as they whizzed by me to surrounding tables, I didn’t want a late caffeine buzz keeping me up all night; instead, I got a homemade soda. The fruit flavors were tantalizing, but the waiter recommended I try the bubble gum flavor. This effervescent neon-pink treat was very sweet at first, but the further I got through it the better it became, the lemon slices and melting ice taking that sugary edge off very nicely.





Judging by the two-person options on the menu and the coupled-up clientele enjoying snacks, this is sure to be a hot place for dates. With so much going on in the menu that I haven’t even mentioned, including tapas and pasta, I wouldn’t mind going back for a few more dates myself. In the end, Week+ is a lot like that bubble gum soda I drank: a bit sweet and pastel but refreshingly earnest, and even if you don’t think this would be your kind of thing, I bet you’d leave having enjoyed it.

Mike Leaner likes to get dirty but not for free. He can be reached at reviews@xianease.com