What’s Hype

 Article by Ekam Gulati

Yo! It’s your boy Jiggy Singh aka Jiggylicious here with another edition of “What’s Hype?” where I just lay down some fashion game and try to share some bomb music with y’all. I know ya boi been away for a while but I’m back with some dope content y’all. Let’s get right into it.

Summer is here, the clear blue skies and sunny days, and I’m making the most out of it. I know it’s been pretty hot lately but I’m all about being out and about and doing things in the summer. It’s sundress season…take your girl out, do things or have a laid-back outdoor BBQ with your bois. It’ll be a bummer if you don’t get out and miss the summer, ya feel me?



5-3Fresh for the Summer

Let me show you how to dress jiggy this summer. My go-to article of clothing is a cotton Cuban collar shirt, either in a floral print or solid color. You can always dress it up or down depending on how you wanna stunt.

Match it with a pair of cotton shorts, wide leg trousers or chinos. Complete your outfit with a pair of clean sneakers or a pair of boat shoes.

The key to looking and staying fresh in the heat of the summer is choosing the right fabric. Invest in summer friendly fabrics like cotton and linen.

Hot Beats

I hear so many people talking smack about a lack of a music scene in Xi’an but the truth is y’all don’t know where it’s going on. I agree there are cities in China with better scenes, but it’s popping out here in Xi’an too. I wanna take this opportunity to give a major, major shoutout to the guys at the Boring Room.

The Boring Room is a collection of local DJs that have been holding it down for over a year now. I have been going to their events since the very beginning, and trust that it’s popping when people come out to a Boring Room event. A typical gig has the likes of DJ Gunknown, Cashlee and RVE bumping some great tunes and actually ripping records at the turntable. Dj Gunknown and Cashlee get the crowd  going wild with some hip hop bangers and RVE knows how to switch to some groovy soulful electronic tunes that just make you wanna jam and I definitely got to mention the sick trippy animated videos they got playing in the background on the night of the event.

In the past one year I’ve had some great nights at these events, and having had the chance to meet and kick it with Howie Lee (the godfather of underground music in China), Dumbfoundead, Bohan Phoenix and a few others. These guys have definitely been playing a big role in cooking up that dope music scene. People showing up to these events definitely have a love for the music and the culture and I’m glad to see it growing in Xi’an. Next time you hear about a Boring Room party or an artist performing…come out and have some fun. You are going to thank me later.

Summer Playlist

Lastly, I put down some tunes and came up with a little playlist for y’all. This playlist is definitely gonna put you in the mood for the summer. Enjoy!

XUNROU DA BING’17 Playlist
1. R.Kelly – Happy Summertime ft. Snoop Dogg
2. Wu-Tang Clan – C.R.E.A.M
3. Cam’ron – Horse & Carriage
4. De La Soul – Breakadown
5. Lil Rob – Summer Nights
6. Piles – Real Hitta ft. Kodal black
7. Drake – Signs
8. Playboi carti – Magnolia
9. Toro Y Moi – Girl like you
10. Rae Sremmurd – Swang
11. Mura masa – Lovesick ft. ASAP Rocky
12. Grumby – You

Don’t sleep on the name of the playlist…xunrou da bing (熏肉大饼) is a great snack you can find on the streets of Xi’an. Imagine yourself out drinking one night, hanging out with your crew sitting out on the street eating and bumping some tunes. That’s summer for me, fam.

Ekam Gulati Aka TurbanG aka Jiggy Singh All you baddies can holler at me at egulati@ymail.com 5-4