Fes House.Whisky

Article By Michael Gruendner

9 Jie, Hai Gang Cheng, No.45, Yan Nan 1 Road.
(029) 8983 3339
6:00pm – 2:00am

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 50RMB

PROS: Picturesque atmosphere, English Menu, Bountiful Selection
CONS: Expensive, Location, New Staff

I’d like you all to join me as I try and do justice to this masterpiece of a bar. I’m not a storyteller, but I’ll try my best to let you see, through my eyes, the beauty of Fes House. From outside you can already tell that this establishment will be a bit different from the other bars around town. With grand oversized doors, an anteroom and soft music that comes right out the 20s filtering through them I wasn’t sure what to expect. As I entered I was greeted by a large open room filled with leather couches and chairs with a stunning wooden bar. It’s behind this spectacular bar that your eyes will immediately be drawn to: a massive bronze mirror in the center perfectly accentuates the wood shelves filled with high-end, high-quality liquor. The entire space made me feel as if I had stepped into a grand hotel in some major city in 1920s America (or at least what I’ve come to expect from all those classic movies I watched with my grandmother after school when I was kid).11-1

But I digress, and liquor is just as important as atmosphere in these situations. Two menus entirely in English are available for your perusing. They have a cocktail menu that has almost any classic cocktail, with ingredients underneath for those of us who know names but not contents. Their second menu is packed full of any kind of liquor you want. From cognac to imported vodka, they have what you want and Fes House serves it spectacularly. Unfortunately, they don’t have a menu for beer, but I’m sure that won’t bother too many of us. All that being said, I must warn you that all this excellence comes at a price: the cheapest cocktail comes in at ¥68 and often can be around ¥100, so be prepared to spend a little while you enjoy.11-2

Fes House, with all its splendor is still in its soft-opening phase (by which I mean the bartenders are still learning the whole menu) but the drinks my cohorts and I ordered were delivered quickly and executed perfectly. Give these snappily dressed bartenders a bit more time and they’ll be serving up some of the best cocktails in the classiest setting as fast as you can drink them. This dazzling bar pulled me in and it’s bound to pull me back, probably more than once.

Mike Gruendner is an Energizer bunny FOMO-ing at the mouth. He can be reached at reviews@xianease.com



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