Fever Ales Coffee

Article By Kyle Wing

No.19, Tai Yang Miao Men, Inside Zhuque Gate.
(029) 8721 2217
2:00pm – 1:00am

Average Price per Person /人均消费: 70RMB

PROS: Great beer and coffee
CONS: A little pricey

Fever ales and coffee is a hidden and quiet gem of a bar just inside Zhuque gate. Upon approaching the bar I could sense that this place would be a perfect spot for a pint or a cup of coffee on a summer’s day, as they had several tables sitting outside. Unfortunately, this is the midst of winter and my face and hands were starting to get cold from the walk to this location. The bar/cafe itself is small and cozy and probably couldn’t seat more than 15-20 people so it is apparent that this is NOT a place for a rambunctious party. It is definitely a place to relax and chat over a beer or coffee.

The bar/cafe is owned by a husband and wife who warmly greeted me upon entering their establishment. They quickly set out making a fresh cup of coffee while simultaneously explaining the history of their bar and the products that they serve. The bar itself was originally located in Gaoxin but the foot traffic was very slow. They relocated to the inside of Zhuque Gate in a smaller and more convenient location. They specialize in imported bottled beer and, most importantly, home-brewed beer that comes in some very unique flavors. They also offer specialty coffee beans imported from California that are aged in oak barrels, giving a nice hint of brandy to their flavor.

The coffee arrived and they quickly set out to preparing a flight of beer with four of their home-brews. Therefore, I only had a few sips of their smooth, delicious and refreshing coffee and did not finish it, so that I might save room for the beer. The flight of beer arrived. They gave me an IPA, a smoked beer, a Xinjiang grape beer and a very unique pepper and cinnamon beer. The IPA was amazingly delicious, and the cinnamon and pepper beer was unbelievably great! It had a hint of spiciness but nothing too overbearing, which it made very enjoyable. If you have the chance I recommend coming to this bar just to try this particular brew. The smoked beer was nice but a little heavy, and the aftertaste was a little bitter for my liking. The Xinjiang grape beer was very nice and sweet, perfect for those who dislike the bitterness of most beers. The boss mentioned that this Xinjiang grape beer was particularly popular. Overall, the flight of beer was great and I can say with great confidence that the beer is professionally made with care. I had a great experience.

This bar/café is cozy and very welcoming. The coffee is good. The beer is amazing and is the strong point of this bar. I highly recommend trying it! The only thing that may rub people the wrong way is the price. You’re looking at about 60RMB per pint, and the imported bottles can be closer to 100RMB or more. For a quiet and relaxing beer or coffee this location is perfect, and the unique flavors of beer offered here are well worth checking out!

Kyle Wing is a coffee enthusiast who bleeds espresso. He can be reached at reviews@xianease.com