TOP5 Places to Relax for an Afternoon


One of the things you might forget when you’re used to living in China is just how hectic everything can be. When all the hustling around in taxis and buses and subway cars start getting to you, try to check out a bit and check yourself in to one of these oases of solitude.


With all the debauchery that happens at night on Defuxiang, it’s easy to forget that it’s a ghost town during the day, filled only with couples taking wedding pictures. A lot of the bars won’t be open, but if you head to the north of the street you’ll find Yi Cha. This teahouse has a touch of modern style, and some comfy futons to boot. The whole aesthetic is very bright and clean, and you won’t have a care in the world as you sip on a cup of tea with afternoon sunlight beaming through the windows.

Address: Crossing of Defu Xiang and Fen Xiang
Phone: (029) 8962 2472
Open Hours: Noon – 23:00pm7-1


Not to be confused with its sister bar a few blocks west, That is Lijiang Café at Heping Gate is a portal out of Xi’an and into the warm, hippy-ish vibes of southwestern China. The Yunnan-style wooden décor is really cozy and the café’s layout creates lots of intimate nooks and crannies where you can hide away while you enjoy a cup of their delicious, expertly made java.

Address: No.2, Xiamaling, Inside of Heping Gate.
下马陵2号院顺城巷内 (和平门内往西走100米)
Phone: (029) 8751 5185
Open Hours: 13:00pm – 23:00pm7-2

2o2 CAFÉ

Gaoxin is known for two things: excruciating traffic and endless construction that facilitates excruciating traffic. If you find yourself to be one of the poor unfortunate souls trapped in the purgatory that is the Hi-Tech Zone, you might consider

Address:  No.3, Gaoxin 3rd Road. (West side
of Yue Hao Hotel)
Phone: (029) 6852 2209
Open Hours: 08:00am – 23:00pm7-3


Most shopping streets are chaos from the moment they open until long after they’re closed, and Wulukou is no exception. If you’re there and need a break from the hustle and bustle, however, skip the overcrowded Starbucks and head for Pingze instead. Its multi-level store will allow you to calibrate your experience, from people-watching on the first floor to book-reading on the top floor. If slowing down for a cup of coffee isn’t quite relaxing enough for you, there’s a massage parlor right next door.

Address: Wanda bu xing jie, Minle Yuan
Phone: (029) 8739 9757
Open Hours: 10:00am -22:00pm7-4


Located in the swanky new Zhongmao Plaza in Gaoxin, Xiangwang carves out a quiet niche in an otherwise noisy part of town. Find a seat and nestle yourself between some bookshelves as you watch the rat race on the streets below, sipping on something nice and thinking about how lucky you are for a chance to catch your breath.

Address: 3F, Gaoxin Zhong Da Shopping Mall
Phone: (029) 8881 7323
Open Hours: 10:00am – 22:00pm7-5