The nightlife in Xi’an is always getting bigger and better, but with that comes fierce competition. Established bars are always changing things up, and new bars are always trying to make it to next month. You can imagine the difficulty that we, your eternally parched friends at Xianease, have in trying to keep up with everything and keep you informed on the best stuff in town. To that end, we’re updating a Top 5 we’ve already done, because it’s summertime now and you’re going to need to know where you can get a nice cool drink.


Hidden in the back of G-Park like a great secret, Lapis Thai has pretty good atmosphere and one of the best bartenders in town. Anyone who’s been already knows that one drink can easily turn into many more, and even if you’re drinking in bulk you can count on getting quality cocktails from one downright charming barman. Rumor has it there is a name change coming, but even so we should count ourselves lucky that this wonderful watering hole isn’t going anywhere.

Address: G Park#47, Xinghuo Road, Lianhu District, Xi’an
Phone: 137-0167-7704             Open Hours: 11:00am – Midnight4-1


Speaking of kind-of hidden places, Cinnamon isn’t just speakeasy-style, it’s got a hidden entrance and everything. Once you find the switch, you’ll be transported into a sleek, minimalist bar with style to spare. That’s not to say everything is minimal, though—the cocktail menu is staggering and their mixologists can whip up whatever your heart desires. There’s a bit of beer as well, so if your companions aren’t fans of liquor everyone should be able to get something they enjoy.

Address: No.14, Tian Shui Jing Jie.
(Eastside road, 200 meters Inside of Hanguang Men).
Phone: (029) 8962 8697
Open Hours: 7:00pm – 2:00am4-2


Now, if you’re really looking to get swanky, there are few spots swankier than Take Five. You know that dimly lounge room from TV and cinema, with leather couches and a fireplace where men richer and more powerful than you’ll ever be smoke cigars and decide the fate of the world? Take Five has that lounge room! Grab a drink and pretend you’re the captain of industry you’ll someday be.

Address:  No.18, Tai Yang Miao Men Street
Phone: (029) 8738 5086
Open Hours: 7:00pm – 3:00am


Located next to Xiaonanmen, Misato is just a hop, skip and a jump away from more expensive (and arguably more pretentious) competition. A couple years on, it’s still kicking and still providing a welcoming, if dive-y, place for you to wet your whistle. Management and mixologists haven’t changed, so if you’re looking for good cocktails at decent prices, Misato is still your best bet.

Address: No.30, Tai Yang Miao Men
Phone: 132-2771-5990
Open Hours: 7:00pm -3:00am


And last but certainly not least, just outside Zhuque Gate is Zun. The first thing that should grab you about them is their wildly creative cocktail list; the second thing is that all of their cocktails are priced at 70RMB. That will allow you to try anything on offer without risking any more or less price-wise. If all of these other ones don’t catch your fancy, then maybe this is the one to try.

Address: 0102 1F Block C Hao Sheng Da Sha, No.78 Zhu Que Da Jie.
Phone: (029) 6277 6238
Open Hours: 7:30pm – 3:00am

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